Friday, October 29, 2010

Hamilton, Alabama

This is a nice memorial to the miners here in Brilliant.

I found graves that had been here a long time before my grandfather worked in the mine.

This building is over 100 years old. A real nice place to hide the cache I found. Grabbed one at the miners' grave yard too.

The entrance to the old mine which is now closed. Was nice to stop and think about how it must have been when my grandfather worked here.

A quick find. I found 9 caches today while Teri was busy with my cousin. Got everyone I looked for.

This one is in an old Magnolia tree. A great hide.

Here is a small one at a road sign.

I liked this one. It is hidden behind a sign at a truck stop just outside of Hamilton on the new I-22.

Now, this was rattlesnake country. I was about to give up on this one. then, I saw it. I was a happy camper to get out of these woods, behind an old cemetary.

Walmart. I love it when I can just pull up and snatch it out the window. this was number 9, all by myself. We have about 2-3 more left in the Hamilton area then we will have to venture out.

My grandfather's first cousin lives in the house, behind and to the right of the little building on the road. Bud and Alice. Super folks but life is getting tough for them. He is in his late 80's now. I remember him as a younger more active fella.

These are my great grandparents.

My great great grandparents. He was in the civil war. His father died in a battle down in Columbus, Ms. and is buried in the Confederate Cemetary there. I often think about how tough life was for my ancestors. A quick visit to one of these old graveyards will show you that lots of children died before they were even school aged. I really wish I lived closer to this graveyard so I could help keep it up. We do send money so folks can keep it up but I would like to see it nicer. My grandfather's cousin, Bud, used to keep it really nice but he is no longer able to do it. This is the Buttahatchee Cemetary. My dad and his siblings lived just up the hill from it when he was small. They attended a school across the street and worshipped at the Barn Creek Church of Christ.
Well, that was my day. I think tomorrow will be shopping in Tupelo or Florence. Not exactly my kind of day but I will make it. Will be a nice husband and earn lots of points.
Thanks for hanging out with me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brilliant Alabama

We took Marci Claire home this morning and headed toward Alabama. There were a few caches we wanted to grab before we crossed the river so we picked up 6 in just a few minutes. this one was in Risco.

Malden Airbase.

A nice one here at the operations center.

Here is one in Malden on East Howard.

Just north of Hayti in the KOA.

Hayti. Can you see the cache? We missed this one back in the Spring. I knew I could find it and I did.

Hey, we made it to Hamilton about 4. Brilliant had their last football game tonight against Bear Creek. They were short an announcer so guess who?

The two prettiest ladies at the game.

My father was born down here. My grandfather worked in the Brilliant coal mines in the 1920's so I do have roots here. Teri and I enjoy coming here 2-3 times each year.

The real announcer, Freeman. He is my cousin's husband and high school math teacher at Brilliant. Also is a gospel preacher.

The game was a good one. Brilliant 32, Bear Creek 8. {My grandmother was from Bear Creek}. That made it a really good game. I was glad to be in the vip booth, announcer's room, as it got cold before the game was over. Being inside was a good thing tonight.
It was a great trip down, very good supper, and a good game for our entertainment tonight. Hope you were able to ride along using the tracker. Check back in a day or so. Should have some good pictures. Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Roma wanted a ride in the Vdub before going home. So, this morning we took off around a few blocks.

We are back in one piece. It was a sad day as we took Reuben and Roma back to the airport in St. Louis. We had a great drive and visited non stop all the way to Lambert Field, where we said our goodbyes. It won't be long until we visit again. They will not be home until 11pm our time tonight. Had a layover in Salt Lake City. Thanks for coming, Reuben and Roma.

Teri and I always try to make the most of our trips. Today we grabbed 4 caches on our way home from St. Louis.

Pretty slick hide.

Here is another. Teri zeroed right in on this one.

This was a brand new cache hidden in Sikeston. We almost got to be the first ones to find it. But, someone grabbed it at 830 am. We were there at 230 pm.

Teri pulling it out of the tree.

Now, I drove right to this one.

I love doing this. Did not even have to open my car door.
Marci Claire and Grana doing scrapbooking tonight before church. She is staying all night with us tonight.
Marci Claire said I gave her too much cream. She ate it all though. We always have ice cream and roasted peanuts when the kids spend the night. Her two brothers wanted to come but we are getting ready to hit the road in the morning. So, I ran over and got them in the bug so they could attend church with us tonight. They say next Wednesday they are staying. I love it when the kids fight over who's turn it is. Makes me feel wanted I guess.
Yep, Teri and I are on the road in the morning. Heading to NW Alabama for a few days. Will be nice to see my cousin and her husband. They stood up for Teri and me when we got married, over in Ripley County at the courthouse. Ride with us. The tracker will be running.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun Times

Lambert's, home of throwed rolls. Jim and Melba wanted us to take Roma and Reuben to Lambert's so all 6 of us rode over in Melba's car.

Similar picture but they are nearly full. Notice the different looks on the faces? We had a great time. Thanks Jim and Melba.

This afternoon was a trip to the local antique store. It is a big one with lots of traffic. Even critters enjoy this place. A lady came to me hollaring she needed help. She had a varmit in her antique booth.

Look close, at the end of the broom. I can't help. This is a snake. No way. I am not Billy the Exterminator. I am more like Dan the cross country runner when it comes to these guys. One of the workers grabbed a broom.

He dragged the guy out. I flipped him a trash can and he was able to get him inside the can and out the door we went.

Here he is on the parking lot. He was trying his best to get back inside but we finally made him realize the grass was a better place for him. I do not do snakes. Only good snake is a dead one on my boots. My father was bitten by a rattler and he passed his fear on to me. My brother can pick them up and carry around with him in his pockets. Not me boy. Those suckers are all poisonous as far as I am concerned. Who in their right mind can get close enough to see if his eyes are round or triangular? Not me.
So, we had an exciting day. I was able to get my exercise running from that snake. Our daughter is bringing the grandkids over to meet Roma and Reuben shortly. Things will liven up immensely.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Reuben and Roma. They are our guests this week. Most of you remember that we lost the engine in our GMC motorhome last winter. We were stuck in the Los Angeles area for 3 weeks. That's where Reuben and Roma come in. We met them there and they gave us the key to their home. They made our stay there most enjoyable. Was more like a vacation than being stranded, that was until I had to write the check.

So, Teri invited many of our local friends and fixed her award winning chili. We wanted folks here to meet Roma and Reuben since they were so good to us in our time of need.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Great food but better was the visiting with some of our best friends.

Virgil is camera shy.

As you can see, we will have a new little one running around here very soon. At 7 months Sharon fell last week and broke her foot. Can you imagine being the husband of a pregnant lady with a broken foot?

Well, here is the poor boy, Greg.

Virgil hogging the camera again.

We all had fun. Kim and William. Greg and Sharon. Lori and Virgil. The lady who helped raise me as a kid, Gloria. Reuben and Roma. Teri and me. I think that was everyone. A few could not make it. The chili was excellent. My first bowl of Teri's Southwest Chili. I see now why she won @ Du Quoin.
Thanks for stopping by.