Sunday, October 23, 2011

Geocaching Again

Got up early and attended church with Ponna and Freeman. Freeman is the preacher and is very good in the pulpit. He preaches about 35 miles south of their house so we had a drive there and back. Stopped on the way back and grabbed a nice lunch. Teri and I left them about 120 pm and headed home.
This was not our first cache of the day but the first one with no rain. We pass this welcome sign every time we go to Alabama and back.

Teri points to the cache. Got to look close for some of these things.

Our first grab was in Fulton. As you can see it was raining.

Our second grab was in Tupelo, very close to Elvis' birth home. We had been here before but no luck. Today, teri found it as soon as she got out of the car. Rain tends to make us work quicker.

Looking for one on up the road from Tupelo. Not here.

Here it is, I found it in the brush.

Teri quickly signs it and back in the car we go. Raining pretty good here.

3 miles on north near Guntown Ms. Teri found it quick.

Here is what she found.

Still raining in Booneville. No luck here. The gaurd rail has been replaced and the cache went with the old rail. Spent little time here.

Thank goodness the rain had stopped when we got to Corinth. Teri lifted the skirt on this pole to reveal the treasure. And, we were off for Tn.

100 miles from Corinth to the bridge. We did not stop for any geocaching, or anything else. Grabbed this one just after crossing the Old Mighty Muddy, near Caruthersville.
We hope everyone enjoyed your weekend as much as Teri and I did. Never any boredom for us. We make most of our own fun, as you can see. Short trips like this one are great stress relievers, but I have no stress. So, just great being able to visit with loved ones 300 miles away, anytime we take a notion.
Hope you had a little time this afternoon to ride with us via the tracking system, WD0AFQ-1.
See you soon.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Geocaching Alabama

The girls headed to Tupelo and Freeman had a game at Ole Miss. So, I cut a trail with the GPS. Can you find this one?

Here it is. A trained eye, like mine, took me right to this one.

2nd one in Haleyville. This is the homerun fence at a local ball park.

Can you see this one? It is hid at a veteran's memorial. Very nice and downtown Haleyville.

Look close.

I hate geocaching a train. Too many places to hide it. I had lots of muggles using the park and watching me. So, I did not get this one.

Haleyville, Al. Walmart. Good one for the numbers.

I don't enjoy the ones in the woods either. I hate chiggars. Gave this one 10 minutes then I cut a trail. No find.

Standing in same place with camera moved. Bear Creek Al.

Across the lake. The trees had been cut and piled right where the cache was. Nope, not me.

Was just me and my trusty steed today. He could not take my picture so I took his. This car has never let us down. Have not told him we are buying a new Chevy yet. But, I will keep the Vibe gt.

My road in Hackleburg, Al. Actually it is named for my cousin who lives down it a ways. My dad spent many of his childhood years here. His brother stayed when the rest of the family moved to Mo. My uncle's son is the one here.

This is now the Hackleburg school, after the toronado.

I did not have the heart to take lots of pictures. Many folks out working on their homes today. Downtown is almost gone.

Grabbed this one in Hamilton. Good hiding place. Corner fence post.

Totem pole in the Boy Scout yard. We too dark for me to find the cache behind it in the woods.

My last one of the day.
Was a good day. I enjoyed exploring the area where my dad spent his first years of life. He used to talk about all of these places, a lot. Now I can see the places he told me about. My cousin is always wanting us to visit so we come as much as we can. 300 miles and it is all 4 lane hiways now.
Will head home after church Sunday. May do more caching along the way. There are so many caches along US 45 we just grab a few each trip.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I am. Ride home with us tomorrow via the tracker. WD0AFQ-1.

Hamilton, Alabama

Best job in life, being a grandfather.

We get to do fun things. Makes all of life's previous struggles worth it.

Friday morning Teri and I got up and headed south. Final destination, Hamilton Alabama. My father was born here and spent much of his boyhood years in Northwest Alabama.
We decided to geocache our way along 412 and 45. This cache is tied with a string at the Boy Scout building in Jackson, Tn. I had more pictures but they got lost in the transition from camera to blog. The ammo can is tied off to a light pole. Teri found it right away. I lowered it for her and she did the rest. It really blends in well with the foilage of the Magnolia Tree.

There it is up in the tree.

Look close, at the end of Teri's fingers. Apple Tree in Jackson. Our second attmept to locate this thing. Marked as a smiley face now.

Here is one Teri found just north of Selmer, Tn. Easy one for her.

Fulton, Ms. Folks were about to come to blows here. I was paying more for fuel than I had in a long time. These folks were buy the cheapest 10% blend they have seen lately. I got blocked in and thought I might have to convince one of the vehicle owners that I throw a mean punch. He finally backed up enough to let me out. Cars you can not see are on both sides of these. It was a mad house. And, I had Teri behind the building picking up a geocache. When we got out of here we cut a trail to our final destination.
Perfect weather.

Freeman, my cousin's husband, is a teacher and announces the football games for Brilliant. This was the last home game. Freeman is a one man show in that he also sings the national anthem. Very good singer.

Folks lining the seats for the upcoming game at Brilliant.

Brilliant taking the field.

My favorite.

I would be dishonest if I called this a close game, 40-6. Brilliant was not the winner. Last home game this season. Maybe things will be better next season.
My cousin, Ponna, and Teri are heading to Florence to shop. Freeman is gone to an Ole Miss football game. I am about to hit rural northwest Alabama for some geocaching of my own. Should all gather back here for the World Series, 3rd game, at 7 tonight.
Hope everyone is enjoying this nice Fall weather as much as Teri and I are.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Malden, Mo. Car Show

We are hooked up and ready to travel. I sure did not like rolling out of bed so early on a Saturday but I made it. My grandson was sick and just could not go. So, I rolled alone.

Got the best spot at the show. There were 2 girls trying to get the cars parked. They had no clue what to do with me. I followed their direction until I figured I better take care of myself. Moved a few roadblocks and got to where I needed to be. I was not blocking anyone yet was right in the line of traffic.

One wild sounding Willys.

Sweet little 6 banger with SS badges and a factory floor shift.

63 Sprint Falcon. I love these. Rarely spot one. Forerunner of the Mustang.

66 Stang. Same body as my 65. Kinda like my bug, a "30 footer". Too close, and it shows to be a daily driver.

Nice Camaro with aftermarket Yenco stickers.

One sweet 50.

My good friend Rick owns this one.

09 Rousch.


Nice ride.

Lots of scooters. This was taken as they started rolling in.

A Ford Ranger.

I grew up with this kid. Jan owns this one.

A couple of professional rigs.

My kind of bicycle.

See why this thing sounded so wild?


What year is this Ford?


Slick old Ford.


All race.

My buddy's 350.

All motor.

A few antiques.

Girls like pink. Would take a real man to own this thing.

Check out the front rotors on this thing. Bet it stops like our GMC. 348 with 3 duces.

See, lots of bikes showed up.

This is a Boss Hoss built in Dyersburg.

Somewhere around 1938, not exactly sure.

I don't know just what this thing is.

My favorite.
Well, hope you enjoyed the show, I sure did. Was perfect weather. I walked til I got tired and went to the coach. Watched tv, had a snack, checked my email, and then back out on the street. Teri made me a nice lunch so I was all set. This is the only way to hit the car shows. Saw lots of old friends and many nice vehicles. Filled the GMC up for 3.06 a gallon. No bargain but cheaper than it has been.
Life is good for guys with GMC motorhomes.