Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hamilton, Alabama

We are in my dad's home town tonight. He was born here in this area. The family moved to Missouri in the late 30's. My grandfather heard that the Missouri cotton was much better than the cotton here. I guess he was right. Several of my grandfather's siblings and cousins also moved to Mo. So, now you know why I talk like I do. I was raised by folks who came from Alabama. We are parked in my cousin's drive tonight. Will cut out early in the morning, by 10am, and head home. This was the perfect stop as it is half way between where we were and where we are going. Sure hated to tell our frineds goodbye this morning but Teri is ready to go home. I love living in the motorhome. Teri enjoys it too but not as much as I do. It has been over three months since we were home. We have 4 grandchildren in Dexter and we are anxious to see them.
So, watch the little red car and see it it makes it to Dexter Wednesday. It got hung up about 10 miles south of where we are actually parked but it will catch up first thing in the morning. Sometimes the car just likes hanging out on the road I guess.
Everyone have a great Wednesday. We hope to have an uneventful trip through Tupelo, Jackson, Dyersburg, and then across that big mighty muddy. Come with us.

Monday, March 30, 2009

All Day In Plains

Wow, what a day. I hope that you enjoy these pictures. They can only relate a little of the enjoyment that Teri and I shared today. Right here she is, up and atem early this morning. This was our first of 13 searches. Here she is with the first find.
On the hunt for our second one.

Look at the places Teri goes in search of these things. You must have a decent handheld gps to find these things. I took the laptop today and was on line working while she was out with her handheld.

If you click up this photo you will see Teri deep inside that thicket.

Yep, she found it.

Oh, this was a fun one. Took us 30 minutes to locate this little devil.

Here it is.

A geocacher stopped to visit as he passed. Teri gave up here when she heard me scream and saw me stripping in the middle of the street. I had been infested with fire ants. Whew, this was not funny.

This is one of the travel bugs she grabbed.

This is the spot where Teri found the travel bug. Someone was here last night. Some of the ones we found today had not been found since last August.

We did a geocache here at Mom's.

Mom's kitchen is where Jimmy and his wife, along with 4 secret service agents had lunch yesterday.

Here at Mom's Kitchen we ran into a geocaching couple from Florida. They gave up on this one. We found it and also ran onto the couple again out at Jimmy's home place. We let them know where it was.

Here it is. I found it in this tree.

A picture of where the secret service folks stay on Carter's place. I forgot to get a pic of the house that is visable from the road. They live in a normal house that they built here in 1961. This is the only house the couple has ever owned.

We did a find here in this grave yard. Click up the picture to read the head stone.

Click this one up to see the dates. What history.

Yep, my wife is in there, back of the old grave yard.

Jimmy Carter's boyhood home.

Click this one up. These folks sure have a way with words. This is at J. Carter's boyhood home.

Click this one up and read it. Very interesting. The following picture is the place it talks about.

Dirt road. No speeding allowed around here. No gravel just red dirt and clay for roads.

This is an old Motel where Teri found a stash.

And, this is where she found it. What history this place could tell if it could talk. There was an old sign out front that used to be lit with neon. One piece of the lighting still remains.

Downtown Plains.

That is my sweetheart on a mission. It was accomplished.

Buildings like this are everywhere. It reminds me of my childhood with my grandparents in Arkansas. Very rural. I doubt Plains would still be on the map if not for the President. This is a very small town. It makes Parma Mo. look like a city. Missouri folks will get that one. This is a very neat place to visit. If not for the geocaching we would have only seen Main Street. We spent all day here, I mean over 6 hours. I can draw you a map of this place tonight. Very neat. Come visit if you get close. You will be glad you did, even though you did not vote for Carter the second time around.

Tonight we were treated to a fish supper at the Henderson's. This is Ken's assembly line for the electric wipers. One of these days I will be able to afford one of these. Right now it is Rainx.

In one of Ken's shops.

All of the lovely ladies at the gathering tonight.

Henderson's coach on his drive on pit. This is slick. If I had one of these my underside would look like Steve Ferguson's.

Here is our cook. Roger is a gem. We are sure glad that he forsook Burns Tn. to come be with us.

Some of the men after getting their fill of fish and trimmings.

What a treat all of us have had. We are parked on a beautiful farm. Had great hosts. Lots to eat and they have an extremly nice home. We have been treated to real southern hospitality. I hope we can gather here again someday.
Most all of us are departing in the morning. Teri and I plan to travel 300 miles to Hamilton, Al. Watch the little red car to help us get there. Our 3 month trip is coming to an end. One more night in the coach should do us as we plan to be in our own driveway Wednesday, just a couple of days over 3 months. We will start planning our next trip soon so stay close. I hope I can keep you entertained from around the home place for a few days. Got lots to do to the VW Baja.
So, come on, lets go. We are Dexter bound.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday in Plains

Teri and I got up early and headed to Americus for worship services. Ran into some friends from Dexter. Tried to catch them up on what has been going on since they moved from there. Before we got back to the group, they drove into Plains and ate lunch at a local resturant. Jimmy Carter and his crew were there eating. That was kind of a treat for them. Teri and I went to a laundry mat to wash clothes after church. Then we headed over to Plains for a visit. Here is Billy's old gas station.

Campaign Headquarters.

Back on the ranch. Here is Ken taking groups on tours of the 249 acre place where we are staying. What a treat. this is a 47 Willys Jeep.

Oops, the second mistake tonite with pictures. Can not edit them out without a lot of trouble.

This is the way to fish.

No caption needed. We are enjoying ourselves here.

My sweetie with her catch of the day. Tomorrow Roger Black is cooking the catfish for supper. Hope we get enough caught for 19 folks.

Another shot of the jeep loaded for a tour.

Inside the cabin, on the lake.

We had Dominoes Pizza tonight. Just an appetizer for Monday evening.
Monday Teri and I are going geocaching. Should get some more pictures. There are several caches in Plains. We might head over to Americus after that but Americus is a big town, Plains is not. I mean, Pres. Carter lives on the main street in Plains. We will try to get a picture of his place tomorrow. Nothing fancy, just has a steel fence and black vehicles in the yard. I guess here he is just a regular person.
Have a good week. We will have more from the fish fry tomorrow night.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Americus, Ga.

We are here, out in the boonies, but we are home wherever we park this coach. Every night, when it gets dark, it looks like out home in here. Got good internet and satellite tv.
Was a fun ride up here. We left the campground in a blinding rain. I was soaking wet. I think there were 5 or 6 coaches heading up here all together. One or two got lost a time or two in the rain but we all showed up together. Had to unhook the car so we could turn around in the middle of the hiway. A creek had swollen and consumed a pickup truck. Several feet of water over the road. Ok, plan b. Found another route, the high road, with our fearless leader up front. It was raining so hard that it was difficult to see each other a few times. Once we got north of Dothan it got better. We all stopped at a Walmart and had a group meeting. I had the satellite weather map on the internet as we traveled and could see we were getting out of the mess. So, instead of camping along the way we just kept running. I think we were on the road about 4 hours, arriving here a little after 3 Eastern time. There are more coming in a day or two.
I grabbed a few shots through the windshield but posting them can wait. We are about 12 miles west and a dab north of Americus. The little spot on the map is Friendship. Everyone left for supper in Americus but us. We will sightsee tomorrow after church. We have an old friend from Dexter who attends services in Americus so maybe we will see him and his family tomorrow.
There are no tracking stations around here so the little red car is stuck about 60 miles back down the road. It will move Monday or Tuesday as we head back toward Mo.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. Lots of nasty weather scattered around the country. Our son is supposed to be moving from Springfield, Mo. to brentwood, Tn. I hope they make it alright.
See ya later with pictures.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Food and More Food

We were invited to eat with friends tonight. They had some steaks and grilled them outside. Jim did mine just right. Teresa and Teri took care of the kitchen stuff and John provided the 40 foot Monaco. It was one nice supper and the visiting was great. Now, this is what I am talking about. Been thinking about it all day long. The last evening we get to finish the ice cream. With half of our group leaving today we had all we could take care of. the bowls are kinda small so most folks had two. Many of us may have bumped up to three. Lots of chocolate syrip, strawberries and all the nuts you could stand. This was a good evening for sure.

Oh yea, everyone was smiling tonight. Teri and I have been coming to these conventions since I retired in 06. I think this one may have been the best one yet. GMC folks know how to enjoy each other's company. Many of them are snow birds so we are not the only couple who has not been home since Christmas. We got to visit with folks that have been to various places for the winter. I like hearing about where they have been so I can think about us going there some winter too.
I found out today that the GMC Club is once again the largest motorhome group in FMCA. We had that distinction for many years but a few years ago one of the newer groups out grew us in numbers. Now we are once again on the top. GMCMI had 77 new members just lately. There has been a drive on getting new members. Jim Kanomata donated two sets of Thorley headers to help folks make their mind up and have a chance to own them. Jim is that kind of guy. He also donated the main prize, a new set of quadrabags for a GMC coach. He is very generous and I enjoy working with him at these gatherings.
Well, that will be it for today. Will get up and pull out for Georgia in the morning. 12-15 coaches will be heading over to Ken and Elaine's property for a few days of r and r. See you there.