Monday, April 16, 2012

Geocaching the Bootheel of Missouri

After lunch I grabbed Rylan and we headed out. Not sure I want his mom seeing this picture. He was up to his elbow here looking for our first cache. Was not in there.

Here it is. Too high for Rylan but we grabbed it and went on south, deeper into the Bootheel.

Clarkton, Mo. One happy 5 year old.

The kid is good. Here he is sneaking up on this one. He is watching the gps and trying to see the cache. He got it.

Yep, there is one in there.

Kennett, Mo. We had fun chasing some new ones here. One was missing from its hiding place so we emailed the owner. Had I looked at the logs first, we might have skipped it. Only been out 2 weeks. One guy found it before it vanished.

Out in the country. This one has a great hiding place.

Wore the boy out. He slept all the way home so we skipped the last cache. Can grab it another time. Was a mile walk for it and I was not waking Ry up. We always have fun, no matter what we are doing.

For you rvers, here is one of the lights I sell. Its for the reading lights in the bedroom.

One of these will light the entire bedroom. The color of the light is quite pleasing to the eyes.
Well, hope everyone enjoyed your Monday as much as I did. Geocaching with a grandchild gives me quality time with them.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

St. Louis to Portland via Chicago

Check out this phone. Our good friend Gary Berry up in Washington State sent this to us. Said he had a new one and this one was not being used. We have "fired" it up. Got wifi so it can do about anything an ipad can do. This is the Iphone. Thanks Gary.
Teri and I left home at 6 am heading to St Louis. She hopped on a plane and is heading to Portland. Going to help her father move back home after his long recovery. I am atching her flight on line now to see when she lands.
Started raining like crazy about 40 miles south of the airport. Coming home it rained on me all the way to Perryville.

My plan was to start geocaching in St. Genevieve and St Mary. But, the rain said no. So I kept rolling south. Just as I got to Perryville the rain stopped so I jumped off the interstate and began my hunt. Check this one out. Bolt on a magnet holds the log.

If you look real close you can see water shooting out of this tube near the ground. I had to carry a gallon of water over 300 yards to get this one. Held my fingers over 3 holes and floated the cache up and out.

Check out that post.

Now look at it. Clever. The cache is up inside a hole in the upper part.

Well hidden.

Behind a scoreboard. there were 3 caches in this sports park.

There is a small wire holding this one to the cap.

Oh man, I could not find this one back in December. Felt kinda stupid when I pulled up today. Right there it is. This is in a park in Cape.

Reached up in here and grabbed the cache. Something was biting my fingers. Pulled it out and found sand burs all over my fingers. this is a new cache hidden last week not far from Dexter.
Well, I see Teri is over the middle of South Dakota now. She flew to O'Hare from St Louis. Then, she got a flight direct to Portland. The tracker says she will land in less than 2 hours. I always feel much better when I know she is on the ground.
Very windy here today but sunny and warm, 83 degrees. Had the car air on coming home the last few miles.
Teri flies back in about midnight next Sunday. She always cooks up my meals before she leaves so I have plenty.
Hope you are enjoying good weather where you are.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Geocaching on Good Monday

Worked on the vdub adjusting the rear brakes. check out that jack, got it from a GMCer. Nice two stage. The jack stand, another GMCer built me 4 of those to hold up the coach when working under it. The wheel polish, got that from a GMCer. Oh, the paint job on the bug, yea, painted by a motorhome painter that does GMCs. I guess you coulod say the vdub is a GMC assisted car.

Oh yea, they were ready to go.

Today was geocaching with Marci Claire. She finds lots of them that grandpa overlooks.

I was out in the weeds when I hear her hollar, "grandpa, I got it".

Our geomobile in Sikeston this afternoon.

Took us a while to locate this one. Coords were not reading properly. I got blackberry thorns in my skin. We freed a Robin here also. It had fishing line wrapped around one leg and then that was wrapped around a tree limb. Not sure how it got itself in such a predicument,

The girl found this one too.

Now, can you see why I like taking one of the kids geocaching with me? Found a snake in the water as we were climbing out of here.

Number 7 for the day and our last one in Sikeston. Guess we will head down to Kennett next. Teri flies out for Portland Saturday so next week I will need to stay busy. Told the kids this evening we will do some real caching while Grana is gone.
Our good Monday spent productivly. Hope your's was as much fun as mine.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Every Friday is good for us. I don't know the difference from one to the other. Today was fishing Friday with the grandsons and their dad. We hit two ponds. Rylan is 5. He caught a 3 pound bass early this morning in Mr. Duty's pond. We threw it back as the other bass were under a pound. Here he is after we rolled up to a catfish pond at Mr. Howard's.

Here is Colsy, 8 years old. Today was not especially good for him to reel them in but he did catch a few.

You can see, the weather was perfect for sitting on the pond banks.

We are fortunate to know owners of these ponds. Have been fishing them for 10 years.

Forest Crow built these stands for the GMC and sold them to me for 20 bux. What a deal. I appreciate him doing that for us. Hauled them home from Oklahoma in the Vdub.

Here are two of them in action. Raised the GMC up and shoved them under while I did a little work under there.

Teri always gives a geocaching seminar at the GMC conventions. Here is a couple that took the one in Ok. We took them out on our last afternoon there.

Sneaky one hiding on the bridge.

Teri dragging them into the woods.

There it is.

An easy one for the "numbers".

Shaking off the chiggers.

After their first one. While they go out looking I sneak in and find it.

Here it is.
What a time we had in Oklahoma. Weather was great. We headed out early Saturday and just kept going til we had completed the 500 mile run through the Ozarks. We did the two lane roads as much as possible. Our first time to enter Seneca, Mo. Was a beautiful day for a ride.
Hope life is treating everyone good. As you can see, we have no complaints.
Happy Easter. Hope the bunny finds you.