Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bad Day

Hey, it is still working. Had to leave my Chrome browser and go back to Explorer. Oh well, maybe it will work for a while.
You ever have a day when things just do not go right? I mean I could not get anything right. Installed a new radio in the vdub Monday. Well, the display seems dim. And, the shark fin antenna does not work. One should never buy stuff then hold it til the warranty expires before installing. I traced the antenna problem down. They have a wrongly tuned coil in the thing. Nothing I can do about it. Had to totally disassemble the thing. Junk. Have to find another one to fit the hole I have drilled in the roof of the bug. Contacted radio factory, they will work on it if I send them a reciept. No can do. So, as long as it is dark I can see what station I am listening to or what time it is.
Dog gone it. I finally gave up and went someplace where I could be cheered up. 89 year old widow lady. She always cheers me up and I told her I needed cheering up today. Worked. We had a great two hour visit. Older folks have so much to share. I take the grandkids when I can to see older shut ins.
And, look who just showed up with a new buzz:
Grandkids always put a smile on my face. What a way to end this day. Rylan came over to attend Wednesday Night Bible Study with us tonight.
Once again, life is good.
Hope you too are having a great Wednesday.

Friday, April 12, 2013


This blog thing has gotten to be such a headache. Believe this or not I got checked in and it lets me post. I can get logged in normally but it refuses to let me post. I had to switch browsers last year to keep posting. Now, it will no longer allow me to post with Chrome browser so I am back to Explorer. Wierd. I do believe it has something to do with having both a hotmail and gmail account.
Let me see if I can post a few pictures here:
 Oh yes, they worked. Our recent trip to Dothan Alabama.
 They were weighing the GMC coaches. Thought I would sneak in before anyone noticed.
 You know who is in charge of the ice cream socials at these motorhome gatherings.
 We put a new modern window in our door at the convention. I will admit to being a little nervous after we got the old one out. Now Teri and I will change the other windows in our own driveway.
 We stopped in Columbia Tn. on our way home from Dothan. This is our little grand daughter that has been through so much at St. Jude's. They have pronounced her healthy. Such a joy to be around.
 One of our grand daughters at her dad's work place. She is growing up fast. Very pleasant young lady to be around. Has a caring soul.
 Three of them in the bug. They all love the bug.
 Back home and celebrating another tooth being pulled at grandpa's. The tooth fairy leaves more money at grandpa's. Rylan is working to get more teeth pulled here. What better way to celebrate than at the local soda fountain?
 Rylan is quite the geocacher. At 6 years old he finds more than grandpa. This day it was 6 to 2 in his favor. These kids just dig in and get to the buisness. We don't leave until the cache is located.No tooth out, just a general celebration by Marci Claire and me at the drug store with soda fountain. We all love going there for ice cream.
So, maybe we are back on track. Will see how this looks after I post. Hopefully I can keep getting on and continue our posts to the blog. Hope everyone is enjoying Spring.