Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GMC Motorhome, Why?

What do these pictures have to do with why anyone would want a GMC coach? A lot. Look at the first one. What do you notice about the kitchen? No stove top. What good is a motor coach with no stove top? A hot plate? Yes.
What is this?

Hmmm, looks like some kind of cooking apparatis.

You are right. When we rebuilt the kitchen Teri wanted more counter top. She said, let's not put the burners back in. I could not believe it as my Teri loves cooking. But, she was in charge here so no cook top. You see, we had the one burner electric portable top and she wanted to use it and then stow it away. That is when we are plugged into electicity. When we are dry camping she wanted a propane top. So, we bought the one seen above. It is designed for camping and using bottles. A little modifying and it works from the quick disconnect line I have for the Wave 6 catalytic heater. When finished both of the are placed in a special slide out designed just for them, out of the way. If you noticed the big space to the lower left, that is for our convection microwave, which is in the house now due to the fact that our's quit so we brought the one from the coach in for now. The sink is also turned 90 degrees for more room. The pull out faucet is nice.
These coaches are 35 plus years old. Why would anyone want one? Well, as you can see above, they can be made to suit anyone's needs with just a little thought. There is no perfect motorhome. So, why pay so much for one that is not really what you want? Get a GMC and make it suit your needs. I mean, there is not anything that can't be done to one of these coaches. They are basically a 2 person coach but some people even stretch the length of them. No one realizes how old this coach is unless they know about GMC coaches. With very little effort you can do whatever you want to the interior of these things. If you don't want to do the work yourself we have a guy in Florida that will do it for you, Jim Bounds. He is building two coaches now that even have Duramax running gear under a GMC body, very slick.
We could have spent a lot of money for a new coach but we did not choose to do that. We bought a 35 year old coach and are in the process of making it just like we want it. There is no depreciation on it either. All of the parts are still available. We have a friend, Jim Kanomata, that can get any part one needs for these things. We have all of the modern things for these old coaches. Our's even has fuel injection.
When Teri and I bought this thing we had no idea about the support out there. We bought it to see if we liked having a motorhome. If we did, we would sell it, at little loss, and get a new bigger one. Well, we liked motohoming so much, and this old thing, that we decided to keep it and make it our very own. We learned about the great support community that was out there and the fact that all of the parts were still available. We have one of the most updated forums on the internet. Information is readily available. Even a large photo site is maintained by one of our members where upgrades are shown.
The GMC group even has what is called the "Black List". This is a list of GMC owners all across the US and Canada that own GMCs and are willing to help you should you have a breakdown while traveling. Our group is the largest group in FMCA, the mother of all motorhome clubs.
I could give you a history lesson on this coach but I wont. Just know that if you are in the "thinking stages" of looking for a nice motorhome consider one of these. Look on ebay and Craig's list, they are everywhere. I would personally look to buy from a club member because most club folks keep their's up really well. We happend to buy a "rolling coach". That means it was well used, frequently, so we knew it had been well maintained. I would not want a coach that has been sitting for 3 or more years.
Have I mentioned the people? The GMC owners. Teri and I have found that the friendliest people own a GMC. We are members of 4 GMC clubs. There are about a dozen out there. We often travel many miles to gatherings. At first it was to see the other coaches. Now, it is to see the owners of those coaches. The ones who love and maintain, not only the coaches, but the friendships that they have cultivated over the years. It is amazing that many of the folks seem like family members once you get to know them. No longer is the GMC the focus of discussion. It is great. Something I never thought would take place. I mean, Teri and I have enough family members already. It just happens. We maintain contact with many many of the owners every week. It is unreal.
I could have thrown up a lot of pictures here. Pictures of GMC coaches that look better than new but you have seen them. I put them up every time we attend a gathering. Paint jobs on these coaches are fairly cheap. Good deals are out there now for sure.
Consider a GMC. You won't regret it. Most are well maintained by their owners and break down far less often than new ones.
We continue with upgrades on our coach. It is like a second home to Teri and me. It carries us to far away places that we had only dreamed about before. Now we have been there and made our own memories. We often live in our GMC for 3-4 months at a time. All of the conviences of home are taken with us. I do not like "roughing it". Our coach is very cozy and is being rebuilt to suit us and our needs. You too can have one for very little up front money and make it a modern 2nd home. Who knows, we might even see you out there before long.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed today's visit.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

GMC Motorhome and Rain

Yep, burned out headlight on low beam. That is a new headlight bulb too. Teri and I were getting to roll Monday morning. This is what sun up looks like. I rarely see it but saw it Monday.
As mentioned before, these units are everywhere in and around Elkhart. What a life.

Here is where we left the bug. The last picture of the yellow paint. Can't wait to see it with new skin.

Larry and Karen run this rv painting shop in Topeka, In. You have to be going here to find it. Won't just pass through Topeka. Teri wants me to see if they will paint the Mustang. I might.

Here I am heading to work. Teri has been taking me each morning. Where we are working right now is 17 miles from the house. I catch a ride home with others. When we get closer to home I will probably take the Mustang. I miss the vdub already.

I will get more pictures of work later. I haven't wanted to carry the camera with me all day, with no vehicle to keep it in. It might fall out of my pocket. I have very bad luck with digital cameras. Right now I am waiting for a 50 dollar bargain on a digital camera. No more 100 plus dolars for a camera for me.
So, wonder what the title has to do with this post. Nothing. We worked til 930 pm last night trying to beat the rain. Even though it has not rained here it is very wet. The trees have water dripping off of them an it is wet where the cotton is. No work during wet cotton. If it does not rain then we might work Saturday. The weather channel has us covered up in rain but it is just not happening, yet anyway.
I just wanted to share a few pictures with you this morning. Nothing outstanding, just sharing. I have to get busy getting the GMC motorhome ready for our next trip. Need to check all flids and change oil. Also needs greased. One good hour and we are ready to roll again. Came in on an empty tank of fuel so I do need to go get it filled up befor fuel gets too much higher. Seems every time Teri and I leave it goes up at least a quarter while we are traveling. We plan to head to Quartzsite, Az. about the first of the year. Hoping the fuel is not too expensive then. That is at least 1800 miles, one way.
So, there it is. Hope everyone's week is a good one. Teri and I really enjoyed our friends this past weekend in Elkhart, In. Was a great rally that was put on by Eastern States.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home Again

Teri and I dropped the bug off at the painter early Monday morning. Then we left it and drove over 550 miles in 10 hours. Not bad in a motorhome. Stopped twice for gas and that was it. I had to be at work Tuesday morning. They needed me Monday but did not make it. Folks were sure glad to see me Tuesday. As I have mentioned, I run a module builder. We have two of them running during the cotton harvest. Mine had to be handled by whoever was not busy Monday. I have not had time to take any pictures yet but I will in a day or two. We worked 12 hours today. Trying to beat the rain. I love what I do. It is very easy and a trained monkey could do it. Absolutely no responsibility, just as I like it. My biggest concern is safety. One can get hurt very easily on farm equipment. I have a closed cab so I am out of the weather. What else could I ask for. I get paid good to do something I enjoy and am around great family members all day long.
Well, it is 1 am, I must hit the sack. If it is not raining Thursday I will be up early and at it again.
Hope everyone is having a great week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

One GMC Motorhome

Yep, just us left. Was a lonely feeling this morning. We got home from church and almost all of our friends were gone. We visited with Bob and Terry Stockholm as the hooked up their toad and pulled away. Kinda sad. These gatherings of friends seem to always be way too short. We will hook up the vdub before dark and be ready to pull out about 7 am. We have a 35 mile drive over to the painter's shop where we will drop off our old junky looking bug. That will kinda be sad too. I hope it realizes that we will be back after it shortly. Should look like a new car when we come back for it. We were not ready to have it painted but we were offered too good a deal to pass up. times are hard up here for those involved with the rv industry but I think we got a very special deal. Maybe they figure we are good advertisement. I guess we are. When I am happy with a product I tell everyone. Pictures of the bug will be plastered all over the internet as I know we will be happy with the work. Have seen too many of their paint jobs and know they do quality work.
Yesterday we had Leon Herschberger here from National RV refrigeration. He makes old tired rv refers new again. He even fixed my 2 year old that was freezing everything, even the eggs. I told him my problem and he gave me a part. It worked. I will not buy another rv fridge as long as he is in buisness. Great guy and very knowledgable. A young Amish fella. Seems very trustworthy.
Well, I just ran down and visited Nick and Terry Russell. They publish the Gypsy Journal and are here working on this month's copy. As soon as they finish it they are heading south, as they are full timers. Nick told me they will pull out in a couple of weeks. He has a nice MCI 40 ft. conversion here for sale. If you know anyone looking for one, pass this along. I think he has 500 watts of solar on the roof. They just purchased a 40 ft. pusher by Winnebego with slide outs. Someone is going to get a real deal on the MCI they have for sale. I have been inside it and it is very nice. His bride is like mine. she knows how to use a hammer and saw. She built the interior of that bus.
Hope everyone has a good week. Watch us as we travel tomorrow on the tracker. Hope to be home by dark. We are picking cotton this week and I have got to get back.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Morning Drive

Wally, my friend from Omaha, and I took off this morning and drove over to Shipshewana. We saw a lot of sights but the pictures I took did not come out very good. We saw a lot of horse and buggies. I mean a lot. This is Amish territory. The locals are used to all of the horses but visitors must be very careful.
As we were coming back home we ran into a local car group that was organizing a run over to another town for a car show. Of course we had to stop and take pictures. I think they asked me more questions about the bug than I got to ask about their car. I was asked if we drove the vdub all the way up here from Missouri. I had to laugh at that one when I told how it was towed behind the motorhome.

These folks were very friendly, as most car folks are. I was glad we stopped.

This old caddy hurst was kinda neat. The guy driving it looked like someone you would see in a horror movie driving something like this.

I asked if they knew that a local motorhome painter would paint cars for them and they did not. Told them about Monday, dropping our bug off at the motorhome painter for new paint.

This morning we had a local rv refer rebuilder here for a seminar. Very interesting. I wish I had known about him before we forked over 1033.00 for our new 3 way 2 years ago. We have been having problems with our "new" refer freezing everything on the lowest temp setting. He gave me a part and said it might fix mine. I installed it and I think it is working.
Well, it is open house. I got to run.

Friday, October 16, 2009


The 5 color vdub is about to become a 2 color vdub. We had a great presentation from a GMC coach painter tonight. He took a look at our bug. Told me to drop it off Monday. So, we will hang around here until Monday morning, run over to Topeka, Indiana and drop it off. Will head home after that. Just wanted to let yall know. I don't know how the grandkids will take this but I can't pass up this deal.

RV Museum in Elkhart

If you ever get to Elkhart, stop in at the museum. It is well worth the 6 bux, Teri and I spent two hours here this afternoon. Here are a few pictures. Enjoy them.

This is the one that started it all, a 72 Winnebego. After this one everyone that does not own a coach started calling all of them Winnebegos.

Look at this one holer. Wonder where it went.

A nice GMC. Most of our's are in much nbetter shape than this one. But, it is nioce to see it here.

Came from a fella in Missouri.

Looks kinda familiar.

This is a very nice museum. It opened paid for. I like that. Anyway, I got to run. It is supper time.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

499 Miles Later

As you can see, we made it here this morning. Stopped at our daughter's last night in Logansport. Had a brief visit with them and hit the road this morning. Arrived in Elkhart around noon. The GMCs are taking over the park here.
I see my friend Nick parked down the lane. He is the Gypsy Journal author. Started down to see him and noticed the van was gone. Hope to catch him later. Wally and I have already hit two rv surplus stores. No bargains to be had. Ho[ping the ones we hit tomorrow will have some real surplus deal. These two we visited today are expensive to purchase from. I found them the same way 3 years ago when Teri and I visited them.

Well, you can see several have arrived. We have several more coming. The ladies are in the kitchen getting our evening meal together. Time for me to visit with friends.
Catch you later,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yes, it was a Willie Nelson Day, On the Road Again

Best picture of the day. We were nice and clean here. This was taken in front of our house. We had just hooked the vdub to the GMC and were on our way. Not a good picture but it gives you an idea of what the Mississippi river looked like. It is full.
The dreaded 55 mph speed limit state. That's right, motorhomes and trucks are limited to 55 mph. I have never, ever, traveled I-57, here in Southern Illinois, without seeing a trooper within the first 20 miles. Today was no exception. Had the cruise on 58.5 mph.

Just a shot of some of the colorful trees. Fall has arrived up this way, big time.

We merged with this guy, and passed him/her, @ the I-55/I57 intersection @ Effingham. We honked and they waved. Had New Jersey plates.

That's it. Was too dreary for good pictures. We traveled 400 miles in 8 hours. Sitting @ our daughter's in Logansport, In. Will travel on to Elkhart in the morning. Should arrive before noon, depending on when I get up and ready. I am praying for better weather on Thursday.
Hey, did you see it? The market busted 10,000 today, up 144 over yesterday. That is good news.
See you in Elkhart.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hitting the Road

We had company this past weekend. Carl and Kathy from Az. came through on their way to Memphis. We had a great visit with them. Their time here was too brief.
It is raining here, been raining all day long. That will stop any cotton picking for the rest of this week. More coming in Thursday also. So, Teri and I are heading to Elkhart, In. We are members of the Eastern States GMC Motorhome Club. They are gathering in Elkhart. We did not think we could go but since it is raining we are heading up to see our friends. Will be a fun trip up I-57 pulling the bug. Hope to have lots of pictures to share with you. Our plan Wednesday is to stop in Logansport for the night. We have a daughter and 3 grandsons there. Will pull out of there Thursday morning as they head to school. So, come ride along with us. Watch the tracker as WD0AFQ-2. that is the motorhome.
Will hollar at you again while on the road.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

No GMC Motorhome at the Car Show

I should have cleaned up the GMC and entered it in the local car show. Never thought about it. I could have won a trophy, no doubt, at the Bloomfield, Mo. car show today. Lots of nice vehicles there. Especially since this was their first one. I would guess 50 cars plus. Several 65-66 Mustangs so no sense in taking mine. I drove the bug up there. Was one Manx there but it was pretty rough. Look at this beauty.
This 55 wagon was top notch. 2 door with a very modern engine and drivetrain.

These cars came from a good ways off. Most of them I have never seen in local car shows.

This 210 was in very good shape.

Lots of folks. Seems that the 50's pick up trucks are getting popular again. I have noticed a lot of them lately.

Some real hot rods out today.

Zoom the photo. I was not shooting the Chjallenger but the 58 and two Pintos in the background. One of the Pintos had a new leather interior. A work in progress.

A very nice modernized Camaro.

I was keeping my eye on this bad boy when I pulled out. Not sure why he was there but the cop could have at least washed his rig before showing up.

Look at these beauties.
My pick of the day. I promise they heard me leaving the show. Even over Elvis. Yea, Elvis was there singing his favorites. Lost one of my headlight rims a few weeks back. Next order will find a new one in the box.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It is a bit cool here. The heater felt good in the bug for the 8 mile run up to the show. We have GMC company coming today. Carl and Kathy will be here any minute from Arizona.