Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Second Home, GMC Motor Home, Takes Us Many Places

Oh the folks we meet because of our GMC Motorhome. Rob is one of favorite people.

Oh yea, that is our engine block. We try to make the best from our bad days.

We were able to visit our good friend Carl while the engine was being built in Tucson.

We saw some great sites.

Got to visit Armand and Carol while in Tucson.

Made new friends while our coach was down.

Woops, how did our grandson Caleb slip in here?

Oh yea, grabbed almost 16 pounds of these guys.

John put us back on the road and became a new friend.

We were able to celebrate our 10th anniversary on time.

We learned what good rv lighting is.

We love these new American made led lights so much that we now sell them.

Oh yea, this was a good stop.

Traveled 650 miles with 2 of our favorite GMC friends, Jerry and Rosemary Wheeler.

Yes, this was a good stop, one of our very favorite ladies to see.

The reason we come home from time to time.

Nothing better than sharing a meal with great friends.

And back home in Dexter, Mo.
Life is good to Teri and me. We have gone to California 4 times in the GMC, once on a wrecker. I could have posted so many more pictures. We have been up the Oregon coast twice and along the Columbia Gorge several times. Met family that I had only heard of all of my life. teri and I have gone places that I never realized existed. Just this month we were in the swamps of Louisiana. What could be any better?
things have been a bit depressing here with all the flooding this past week. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are ok and share some of our good times with you from this Spring.
Hoping yall are having a great weekend and we will see you again shortly. Got lots going on around here so will have the camera out and working. So thankful that we chose the GMC motorhome as our second home. It takes us to so many neat places and introduces us to so many great people. What could be better?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rolling Up The Big Mighty Muddy in a GMC Motorhome

Well, the plan was to roll at 7 am. Was raining hard and the radar lloked bad north and east of us. Back to bed. At 830 I decided we would make a break for it. Grabbed a shower and we rolled. We got wet hooking the car up after filling the coach.

Heading up 165 north of Monroe.

It was a great day for RainX. Never used the wipers once. Here is the new bridge at Greenville. It is awesome. Opened last summer.

The old bridge is coming down. I hated crossing that bridge but did it several times. It was a little wider than the two bridges at Cairo though. I won't miss it.

This bridge reminds me a lot of the new one in Cape Girardeau, Mo. I hope these new bridges last for 100 years.

The Mississippi Welcome Center in Greenville.

The rain pretty much stopped when we got north of Greenville on 61. I love that road. It is now all 4 lane with a speed limit of 65 mph. We still must go through Cleveland but the other towns are bypassed, including Clarksdale. That dark shade, middle ways up in the picture, is a heavy bank of clouds that stretched west to east as far as we could see. I was a bit worried about it but no rain was falling when we got under it, just south of Tunica. Running 61 instead of 55 saves about 70 miles from Monroe to Dexter.

One of the casino signs.

After filling up with fuel I blew the band clamp back and the exhaust was rather loud. 24 inch clamp that holds the pipe to the header collector. I will work on that. Had some problems with it out in Texas too. No big deal. These band clamps are great on 3 inch stainless.

Almost home. Crossing the River again. No rain in Arkansas. One drawback to running 61 highway is the 10 stop lights through South Haven and on into Memphis before hitting 55. I must find a cutoff over to 55 before getting to these lights. Thought I had one today but hit the wrong road and had to come back to 61.

Back home. The GMC had not been in Mo. since Dec. 1st. It was like a horse headed to the barn. A great ride up the river. The new engine never missed a beat. We also put 6 new big disc brakes on the coach along with a "reaction arm". We can stop the GMC on a dime. It stops like a car. Best upgrade one can make to a 12,000 lb. vehicle towing a 3,000 lb. car.
Life is good. The coach is home and unloaded. The tracker missed a little north of Tunica. Had trouble with the new system.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monroe, Louisiana

The kids know how to make their uncle happy. Katy is sending me home with lots of m&m candy. Her dad had already given me a 16 oz bag so we should make it home.

Part of my stash.

We always eat good when at my brother's.

Here is Teri with one of the twins. She helped him with his batting practice before the game. This is Brad.

There she is hiding behind the fence.

Brad getting ready for his first at bat.

There is the ball and the bat is swung.

The entire family plays hard down here. Some kind of computer WII game. I think my brother Matt missed a day of work over this game.

Back on the field.The ball is in the air.

Here goes the bunt.

After the game pow wow with the coach. Baseball is good for kids. I used to coach little league and had a lot of fun. Moms were the most fun, not.

My brother on a job this morning. Matt is the one who got me involved fixing tv sets. He does more than tv's. We had a big printer job today. My pay, a bag of m&m candy.

Here is my little buddy Snappy. Seems mom did not think the 4 twins would care for this guy like their uncle so he is on his way to becoming a Missouri turtle. I hope he can get the accent down right.

Josh and Brad.

Eating again, dad and daughter. Seems I missed getting her twin brother in the pictures. He is hard to slow down for a picture.
Well, now you see why we always make our way home from Arizona via Monroe, La. We have lots of fun here. Teri has been helping Katy with her scrapbooking, while I get plenty to eat. We tore up a half gallon of cream the very first night here.
We hate to leave this place but it is time to get the GMC home. Dec. 1, 2010 is the day it pulled out of our driveway in Dexter. Almost 5 months on the road. Got to head up the Mississippi River early in the morning. Hope to get through Memphis before noon. Praying for no thunderstorms along the way. Ride with us if you have time. The tracker will be running, WD0AFQ. We will head up across the SE corner of Arkansas and cross the river at Greenville. Then up 61 and cross back over at Memphis. Will be home free from there on in.  Will catch you again in 403 miles.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun With GMC Motorhome Friends

When I was 16 years old my dad was in his early 40's. As I would head out the door for a night on the town I just never could figure out why dad had that smile on his face. I mean, what a boring life. Here I am having all of the fun and he is stuck here at home. Little did I know. Ain't life fun? Look at these two girls, both older than my dad was back then. Are they having fun or what?

This coach went to a new home while we were at Billie's in Tx. More new friends to come our way.

Oh wow. How did this one get in here?

Owning a GMC motorhome has not only brought us lots of friends it has taken us many places. I even see the sun rise some mornings.

This is deep south. About as far south as you can go. What a treat to see places like this. I have to thank our old motorhome.

When we come to town for a gathering this is what we see in the local news. Many times the TV stations send reporters out to interview some of us.

Look at these two. Good friends and working hard, trying to sell a part or two.

Does it look like fun? I promise we have lots of fun.

Rarely do we not smile at these conventions.

This group is "high tech".

Here is a night shot of our coach. We have nothing lighting this thing up but led lights. I am happy to be associated with an American company on these things. The light is just amazing.

Why does everyone hang around my coach? Well, I work with Applied GMC and we have the parts.

GMC friends are true friends. Ken is working on our coach air conditioning. He is always busy helping others out at these conventions.

This coach belongs to a local Cajun. It really looks good in person.

Is this a bench or what?

Some of our GMC racers in the pits.

Rocking and ready to roll.

This is serious buisness. All computerized.

Teri's geocaching class. She works long and hard to help folks learn how much fun old folks can have as they travel. Should I have said "we travel"?

More helping hands at the get together.

This picture is for a friend. He needs to see how I install these lights in the overheads for the driving area of our coach.

Nice and clean again.
Wow, I just want non GMCers to see a little bit of the fun we have. Many of these photos are posted for the GMC group, on our photosite. It seems at 56 years of age I have finally figured out what my dad was smiling about as I "hit the town" on Friday nights.
Few friends are like GMC friends.
More on the road travels soon as we will head 400 miles up the Mississippi River Thursday. Right now we are enjoying our family here in Monroe, La. Pictures to come.