Friday, August 31, 2007

Pendleton, Or.

Now, this is where I dropped Teri off today, grandmother of 12. Why would she want to go into a tatoo parlor? Look real hard to the left. There is a beauty shop there. She came out looking prettier than ever. I left her there and drove around town getting pictures so I might need to look her over real good tonight before we go to bed. I hope she did not slip into the tatoo parlor.
I climbed up this mountain to get the photos of Pendleton. This is a town down in the valley. Looks like I uploaded 2 of the cowboys. Oh well, they were something to see so look twice.

We took a trip over to Pendleton today. What do you see in this photo? Now. look closer. One photo shows the bunkers. Same field. Must be thousands of acres of em. No way to detect from the sky. Held ammo during the war, still do. They are now disposing of the ammo in these bunkers. Pretty neat. If Japan had known these were here it would not have taken much for them to buzz over and BAM!!! I just thought this was neat. Right on I- 84. Keep in mind that all of these photos are kinda in reverse here. Hard to get them in order on this blog.

I have no way to tell how this will come out in relation to the photos. The one is a life size manican display right on the hiway, cowboys and cows. Keep in mind that Pendleton is famous for the annual ROUNDUP.
Thanks for coming by. We appreciate your visit. Tomorrow we do rear shocks on the motor home. Enjoy your weekend. Dan

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Irrigon, Or. Has a Skate Board Park

Look at this. I think it is neat. I am not a skate bord kind of guy but this is really a good place that the city of Irrigon has fixed up for kids to gather and play on the boards. Keeps them off the street and sidewalks. Lots of kids are here everytime we pass by. Look at the little 4 year old riding down thru there. I can't figure out why he would not let me ride his board. I think I could have rode it like he does, sitting down. Maybe he was afraid that as old as I am I might get hurt or that I could not get up off it. I don't know. Don't forget to click on the photos. You can see them much better when they are large. Well, if you are over 50 you can. Otherwise, use your glasses. Teri and I had a great time taking these pictures. We hope that you enjoy them. I really wish that I could put in your mind what I saw with mine. These pictures just don't tell the whole story. In the album below, when we shot pictures of the river, dam, and bridge, we were in Oregon so the dirt and mountains you see in background are in the state of Washington. We whould get some really good pictures when we travel the river next week on our way to Idaho. Now we are waiting til Tuesday for that trip. Good decision. Enjoy these shots. Have questions, fire away. Come on back. No telling what we might find. Too hot to install shocks today. We have air on. First time since last week in June. 95 degrees in Irrigon, Or. today. Dan

Train In Hermiston, Or.

Ok, can you train folks tell us anything about this old rig? The fan in front looks to me like some kind of cooling fan. I do not have a clue. We found it sitting in Hermiston this morning.

Shots From Umatilla, Or.

Teri and I have been so busy working on the motor coach that we have not had time to take shots of surrounding area for yall. Today, we decided not to install the shocks and take a day off, to sight see. These photos are all from the Umatilla area, on the Columbia. The bridge and dam are right here, only 7 miles from us in Umatilla. Teri is a flower girl so I included one of her flower shots. I have more photos and will put them in next album. Dan

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some Shots From Irrigon, Or.

Teri and I ran around town a little today. Met some travelers in the park that were on their way home, Ca. from Alaska. Got to visit with them about their trip with the 32 ft. fifth wheel in tow. Very nice visit while they were eating their lunch and resting. We love visiting with folks along the way.
I know that many of you are looking at the Columbia River in the background of one of these shots, but I was looking at the grandmother of 12. She really takes gret care of Sam and me. There is a photo of the Irrigon Post Office. We circled the town twice trying to find this place. Now, how hard should it be to find the post office in a town this small? Oh well, guess we were thinking about the refrigerator that was waiting on us back at Teri's dad's. The park along the river is very nice. This little town takes good care of things. I am guessing population is 1500 but it does not look anything like a lot of little towns this size, this one is a neat town. Folks seem to care about their property and take care of it, like back home in Dexter.
Anyway, hope yall enjoy the snapshots. Sam and I are enjoying the look on Teri's face with the new refigerator installed. read the next post down. Catch you later. Thanks for stoppy into our world today. Dan

Oh Happy Day

"Dan, tear that thing open, let's get it working".

All that's left is to clean up the mess and haul the old one to the crusher.

Sammy and I are very happy this afternoon. Can you guess why? Well, take a look at the photos and you will see. When Teri is happy, Sam and I are happy. This firge came a couple days earlier than we thought. It is already installed. We work fast. I know Sam and I will get fed really good tonight.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Productive Day in Oregon

As you can see, Teri and I were busy today. We insulated the box that the new refrigerator will go in. This should help it work much better and easier. Two trips to Home Dpot and one to Ace Hardware, a little sweat, and 3 hours we were cleaning up and done. Teri is good to help me. She made the templates that we needed and then finished everything off with a nice caulking job in and around the corners. We found this job to be fairly easy and satisfying when we were done. About fifteen dollars and some gas to complete this little project. Also, Teri's dad found a place where we can dump the old frige Saturday, hopefully after the new one arrives, from Portland, and is installed. We have to use the door panels from the old one. Don't know why the new one does not come with them already installed. For the cost of the thing it shoud have gold handles on the doors.
This evening Teri's dad and I ran over to Walla Walla, Wa. All I knew about the place was there is a big prison there. It is a nice looking old town. Green grass and lots of trees. The land between here and there is rocks and tumble weed, except where irrigated. Was a pretty drive along the south side of the Columbia River all the way. Teri and I will be traveling back that way Monday when we leave here for Idaho. She will get photos.
I am hoping that my shocks arrive Wednesday so we can jack the coach up and replace the two on the passenger side rear . I think I told you that back in June we found one loose, yea, like the brake caliper, and Monday it was broken. Oh well, minor setback. That will leave Thurs and Friday open to the possibility of installing the new frige should it arrive. Shocks are coming from my friend, Jim K., just south of San Francisco. He shipped them Monday so I may be a bit optimistic on Wednesday arrival.
Sam is better tonite. She was sick this am, really sick, but I got her some different dog food and she is eating it. Seems to have her appitite returning and is getting spunky again. We played with her toys this afternoon.
Should you want to see where we are going, when we leave here Monday, we will travel 730 to Lewiston, Id, then 12 on over to Rob's, just west of Kooskia, Id.
Have a good week. Working folks remember Wednesday is "hump day". Come back when you can. Dan

Monday, August 27, 2007

Productive Monday

You can see from the photos that Teri and I did not let any grass grow under our feet today. Was a nice day with no wind so we got busy. Did the solar panel first. Got it all wired up and it is adding just what it is supposed to to the others. We will be ready for the foggy days of Tillamook next time. That gives us 250 watts. Had to hang this one in the back, over the running lights, but we got it done. I got started on removing the dead referig this afternoon, you can see the progressive photos. Was not bad. Teri's dad and I were able to carry it out of the coach. Now, pray that the new one arrives Friday. We then took a walk down to the Columbia River. Did not take camera. Will do so next time. The picture of Sam is after our mile and a half walk. She was hunting some shade. I think she is getting better. She does not act sick until it is bathroom time, you know what I mean. Now to vacuum out the hole where the refrigerator was and maybe run into town and see if I can find a piece of insulation for the wall behind it. Then we will be ready for the new one. You can see the large cooler in the background of one of the photos. That is our refer right now. I think Teri is a bit tired of that so I need the new one to be here Friday. It is coming out of Portland. Teri was the photographer today but let me tell you, she was right up there on the roof with me mounting that panel. She is a "keeper" as some would say. Hope all is well with everyone and thanks for stopping by. We plan to stay in Irrigon until next Monday. Then we will make our way over to Rob's in Idaho. Hope everyone's Monday was a good one. Come back when you can. Dan

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Odd Deal

Yes Wally, an odd deal on the bolts coming out. Last year I paid a fella lots of cash to take the running gear off and rebuild it all. This is not the first bolts that I have found lose. But, I hope there are no others. Even had one loose on the axel. He did a good job but did a poor job on checking the tightness of the bolts. We also tightened up one of the rear axel bolts Friday. I think I might have been one of the guy's first and he just got in a hurry. Oh well, nothing lost but 100 bux on this deal that I paid the mechanic here, he was a very nice guy and I would recommend him to anyone as he is building his second bus as a motor home. He knows a few things about these rigs.
Boy, did we have some hard nosed preaching, straight out of The word this morning. That was great. Just the Bible and nothing added or subtracted. It seems to be hard to find that now days.
I have ordered 2 KYB shocks for the passenger side and will put them on when they arrive. We found one completely broken. It was still ok when we were in Jim's shop getting the rear bags changed.
Sam has not been well the last day or so. I think she is better today but she had a rough couple nites. She is inside the house now soaking up all of the extra attention that she is getting now. That may be why she is sick, wants that attention.
Well, I got to run. Teri's bro and his wife are coming and we got to make room. They are also in a motor home. Catch you later. Oh, got me another joystick and we are flying the simulator. Dan

Saturday, August 25, 2007

And, How Did You Like Those Photos

Except for the brake caliper incident Teri and I had a great trip across Oregon, following the Columbia. We ar just about 3 blocks south of the river now, in Oregon. This river is bigger than the Miss. out here in many places, I mean, wider. It was a beautiful drive. We drove the first half on the Washington side then crossed into Oregon at Biggs Junction. What a drive. Hey, what about the shots of Mt. Hood? Weren't they nice? I just can not imagine those three guys going up there and dying trying to climb that thing. Teri and I have seen some really beautiful sites out here. Even with the time we alot we just have to save a lot of the things for next trip. We could stay in each place a month and not get to enjoy everything.
Well, I got this flight simulator thing. Nothing simple about it. Can't get it working yet. Took two hours to load for some reason. Then, the joystick wont work, and the thing shrunk my screen, which I just got fixed. Now my blinking cursor is messed up and my background is all white with blue letters. Oh what trouble retirement brings. Don't you working folks wish that was all you had to worry about? Oh well, life is interesting. I will defer the white background to my lovely bride and I bet she fixes it for me. She has more patience than I do.
Well, thanks again for dropping in. We enjoy hearing from yall. Will catch you later. Dan

Friday, August 24, 2007

I Love Old Things, So Does Teri

Columbia and Tunnels