Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three Cool Dudes

We had a ball. Had Tyler and Rylan spend the night. One needed a pair of shades so we ran to get him a matching pair after I got the GMC greased.

Did the bug then we did the scooter.

It was hot. We ran down to the spring for some fresh water.

All of our grandkids love going with me to get our drinking water.

Had to have a little tree climbing. Then, we headed on back home for lunch and a nap.

Ran the boys home about 4 pm. Teri and I had time for a little geocaching.

We were in Sikeston to see a sick friend. He is in the hospital so why not grab a few before we see him? Well, did I say it was hot. We grabbed one out of four. Will go back on a cooler day to locate the ones we missed. Just too hot to spend over 5 minutes looking.

Here is what is left of the home made peach pie a widow gave us yesterday. She is 93 years old and thinking about us. I like that.
Tried to fire the GMC to move it today. No fuel pressure. I finally found the blown fuse.
Hope you are staying cool. I am doing my best.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Computer Geeks on The Phone

Some pictures for my GMC friends. This morning I installed this air dam to get more air up and through the aluminum radiator. We have never had a heat problem but with these kind of temperatures I figured this might be a good add on. Most all new vehichles have some kind of scoop down there to get air up through the radiator.

I had to remove the radiator gaurd and drill three holes to munt this thing. It was a real juggling act for me to get both of these back on here by myself.

Here you can see that the gaurd has to go between the new scoop and the radiator frame. It was tricky but I got it done without call for Teri to come out. Maybe an hour to do this. Did not realize how hot it was til I reached for a 7/16 wrench that had been sitting in the sun. Burned my fingers. When I finished and came in, about noon, I realized that I had nearly gotten too hot. I am hoping I don't need to straddle a dead armadillo with this thing hanging down here. If I do, something is going to give. I hope it is the dead armadillo. Wednesday I will have Teri watch to make sure I can get into our driveway with this hanging down. May have to trim it a little. I have big rubber "flaps" on the sides of the radiator, in the grille. That should move a lot more air through the radiator and hopfully keep the fan clutch from running too much.
We are putting on some brake pads Wednesday. Teri is helping me and we will rise and shine much earlier. Or, I should say I will. Teri gets up early anyway. Hope we can get this done before the heat gets too bad.
Some computer geeks just have no personality at all. That bothers me. Some are very good and can talk with normal human beings. My Dell netbook has some issures. I have an extended warranty from Sam's Club. Teri called to see about getting it returned for repair this afternoon. All of a sudden she gave me the phone as she was getting upset. After letting the girl basically talk with me like I was a second grade drop out who had an iq of a moron, I got my fill and told her I planned to return the dog gone thing no matter what she said. On hold I went. Teri took the phone and waited for her to come back. She was sending a return number and a pickup tag, "as a courtesy". Oh boy. Teri hung up before I could get my hands back on the phone.
I never file any kind of complaints but I will this time if I can find out where to put it. There is no reason for people to treat others like that. I never talked with criminals the way she did me. Well, maybe if I was forced into it. But, that just should not happen. I like Dell Computers and I like Sam's Club. I am not happy with Michelle.
Life is good and I hope you are in a cool place somewhere. We are trying to get the GMC ready to roll in less than 2 weeks. Got two new tires installed yesterday.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too Hot For a Car Show

Boy, what I would not have given for this thing when I was a kid. I hated cranking the ice cream. Would rather have had "store bought". A good friend of mine built this.

Well, this was just before the kids left this morning. Sure hated to see them go. 2 are on a plane to Az. and 2 are in a car headed back to In.

While cruising through Dexter this afternoon I ran into these guys.

I like this one.

Factory 4 speed.

These two are nice.

One big lead sled.
They had free ice cream cones inside the buisness hosting this but the little girl would not give me one. Wanted me to jump through "hoops" to get mine. So, I came on back home where I had better stuff.
Just too hot for a car show. I parked the bug in the parking lot and walked over to get these pictures. Thought about coming home to get the Mustang and taking it up there. Nope, too dog gone hot. Feels much nicer in the house.
Camp is over for another year. Teri is home resting. I left the GMC up there. Getting new tires Monday at Bloomfield so since that is on the way home I set an appointment for Monday. We will run back up and get it then, saving a few miles. Will get busy finishing getting everything ready on the GMC next week so we are ready to roll north in 2 weeks. Hoping it cools down a little by then.
Have a great weekend and don't get over heated.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Wondering

We are parked at the Bootheel Youth Camp this week. Teri is teaching classes in the mornings. I am pretty much just enjoying the nice cool air conditioned GMC. So, I have a few minutes to spare.
How far back can you recall things in your life ? I have sometimes asked this question to folks. It amazes me at how many don't recall early years, before school. Do you?
On July 21, 1954 my beautiful mother gave birth to her firstborn, me. I have seen pictures of her and my dad holding me as a newborn and they looked just as happy as could be. Of course I can not recall that. About as far back as I can remember is September 8, 1957. That is when my brother was born and we lived in Detroit. My sister was born in February of 56 but I don't recall that.
Maybe we remember things that made us happy. I rarely recall any stuff that was upsetting in my childhood. We left Detroit when I was 4 years old and I have a good recall of that trip to Mo. Years before entering the first grade are pretty fresh in my memory. My dad owned a filling station before we bought the farm. My grandfather taught me lots of things while we hung out with my father at the station. Lots of great memories. Our mother passed away when I was 11 and that was tragic, but I have never dwelt  on that. She created a lot of great memories for me and I always hold onto those.
Ever wonder why we thought we knew so much more than our parents? As I will turn 57 years old tomorrow I have to laugh when I think about some of the things I did. Just made no sense, but at the time it was what I thought was best. My father never insisted that I do anything his way after I left home at 18. He pretty much backed up and let me do what I thought was best. He taught me well but wisdom does not come over night. I know he was happy when I came home from the Air Force and then graduated from college.
I guess I am a lot like my dad. When my kids left home I hoped they had learned the things I tried to teach them. I never involved myself in their decisions unless they asked. I am not sure that is the right way to do things. I have seen parents not let their married kids do anything without butting into their affairs. Maybe I am too much the other way.
Now, I can see that my dad must have laughed a lot when I did some pretty stupid things. I can say I have had a chuckle or two at decisions my kids have made. Even into their mid 30's they are still a lot "wiser" than old dad. That is what I find so funny but I was the same way myself. Just how it is.What I can say is that our grandkids think I am the smartest guy that ever lived. That makes me feel really good. I am fortunate that I did not make any real bad financial decisions although I did spend a lot of money on vehicles. Wasted some money on a house or two. When you get old though you tend to sit back and think about every decision that comes up. If I waste money now I will not get it back. The kids probably wonder why I drive old cars and put so much money into the GMC.
Oh well, life rolls on.
Hope everyone is having a great week. We will take the GMC home Saturday afternoon and finish getting it ready for our upcoming trip. There should be lots of pictures then. Pretty boring just hanging around here and playing with our grandkids so I don't post much. But, we roll soon.
All of this was said just so you would know my birthday is tomorrow. Did not want to just come right out and say it. You know how I am.
See you on the road soon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What is This?

It seems I tend to put things off sometimes. I have been intending to do this for about 4-5 months now. Just was having too much fun doing other things. We are at the youth camp again this week and I had some spare time this afternoon. Today was the day. I converted our fluorescents, in the bath, to leds. These were the only lights in our coach that were not leds. Two single led strips. They turn the bath into one very bright room. I really don't need the overhead led that I put in back in the Spring now. As you can see, this is quality light and it is made in the USA. No longer do you have to use the blue lights to keep from running your rv batteries down. We can leave every light on in this coach for a week and not run the batteries down. One little bulb will draw more than all of our led lights. If you dry camp much think about these lights.
Got to go, having too much fun here to keep writing. Just wanted to let you know we are still out in the GMC. Will be heading to the FMCA gathering in Madison, Ws. in a couple of weeks. This is going to be a great gathering of motorhome owners. We cant wait to get there.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Airstreams For Sale

I sure hate to see this one go. It is a 73 27 foot twin bed model.Our good friends have completely restored this trailer and now are selling it for what they have in it, 12,250. I just posted it on Craigs list for them.

They are also selling their 94 28 foot twin bed. Too cheap, 15.750. Teri and I also just posted this one on Craigs List. Someone is going to get real bargains. The 73 has almost everything brand new and the outside has been mirror finished. Wish we could afford to buy it and just pull it to Arizona and park it. Oh well, it will not last long when the Airstream folks see it on Craigs List.
Can you say computer problems? Oh, I have had them. My cousin and her husband are up from Alabama and he is a computer guy. He fixed the netbook by completely reloading Windows. I am now in the process of trying to find my "favorites" and installing programs that we had on it before. Maybe in a few days I can get it back up and going like I want it. Today I am still on the Dell that my brother rebuilt for me last year.

Oh yes. Rylan spent the night with us. When I picked him up he asked could we bring his bike. "Grandpa, I need lessons". We crammed it into the bug and off we went. This morning, sweet success. He will never forget today. Neither will I. Life is good.

One happy 4 year old Rylan. Now he can ride with his older brother and sister. He is happy and so is grandpa. Sure brought back memories from years past. I told him about teaching his uncle Brad how to ride but I did not tell him about me learning when I was 5 years old. Whew, that was a while back.

Oh yea, Larsyn is learning to use the phone. Won't be long now til he is calling wanting to spend the night with grandpa and grana.

In about a week I will be taking the GMC back to camp. Teri will stay in it while she teaches classes. We have 4 older grandchildren coming in for camp. We can't wait. 2 from Az. and 2 from North In. Life is going to get fun for the next couple of weeks around here.
Hope everyone enjoyed the 4th. We sure did. Saw lots of fireworks. No posting  as I figured all look the same in pictures.
Come back and check on us. We are preparing for a trip to Wisconsin in about 3 weeks.