Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Owning a GMC Motor Home

What a ride. I just hate to pull this thing into our driveway. It handles so well I just want to keep going. We have driven 800 miles in one day in this thing. Not too many motorhomes drive well enough to do this. Can't wait for our next trip in it. I got it washed and vacuumed. It is ready for another trip.
We were coming down a hill in a small Arkansas town yesterday morning, about 830 am. There was a good climb coming up the other side. Right at the bottom a chubby chick pulled her Dodge Ram pickup right out in front of us. I just rolled right up to her bumper. She slammed her brake lites on and started talking to me with her finger, all the while looking at me in her rear view mirror. I mean I was close enough to see that she had brown eyes. Well, I have excellent brakes so I just stayed on her rear. I knew I had the climb coming. Finally she flipped her left blinker on and tried to stop me as she turned into her favorite resturant. I just acted like I did not see her and went on around her on the right side. Why do people do that? If she had looked before she pulled out she would have seen me right there. Not her though. As far as she was concerned she was the only one out yesterday morning. When she finally saw me behind her she had plans to control me. I figure she has absolutly no authority in her life so she was pretending now that she was the boss.
How funny folks are when behind the wheel. I am sure she grabbed her favorite breakfast while telling all of the boys how she put me in her place. I never let on like I saw her fingering and lipping me.
Oh well, some folks own the hiways I guess.
Got the coach and two cars all cleaned up. Mowed the grass and had a long scooter ride this evening. I really enjoy an evening scooter ride. I can let my mind wander as long as there is no other traffic around me. Just before dark is my favorite time to click off 30-40 miles. The little thing will keep up with the traffic on the 4 lane at 65 mph. Hits 70 if I really lean forward and hunker down. My favorite it just cruising the country roads at 40-50 mph. The grandkids love to ride, especially Marci Claire.
I guess thats about it for today. Think Teri and I are about to have a bowl of popcorn. Thats about all I get after supper now. Teri has me on a diet. I did sneak some peanuts Sunday evening though.
Oh, got the oil changed in the Vibe too. Think I will rest up Wednesday.
See ya later.

Monday, August 30, 2010

We Made It

We had a great drive home. It was uneventful. Those are the kind of rides we like.Marci Claire was not too keen on getting up early this morning. We rolled out of the campground about 730 am. As soon as she got a chance, she kicked the seat back and was gone.

We stopped just east of Mountain Home for Teri to do a little geocaching. This is where the rain started. We could see that we were right behind it and here is where we caught it. Did not drive out of it until we were east of Imboden.

There is a shot of what we were chasing.Well, Marci Claire had to bring her two brothers some gifts. Here she and Teri are working on them. They did a lot of scrapbooking while we were in Eureka Springs. Marci Claire now has a nice notebook of our week.
We saw enough Vdubs to last us for a while. It was a great 6 days. We took a little longer route home to avoid the worst hills. The girls did not want to go back over them. MC calls them "belly achers".
Life is good when you travel and sleep in a GMC motorhome.
We appreciate yall coming with us.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Bug Run

Today was the last day of the gathering. It ended with a 45 mile run through the Ozarks. Check the tracker to see just where we traveled.
Marci Claire is ready to go.

Some of the cars behind us this morning.Marci Claire wanted a picture of her grandpa and the bug so she took this one.

Our first stop of the day.All lined up and waiting. The problem was, we had no idea what or who we were waiting on.

Look at the blue 66.Still waiting, but not for long. There were problems with this run. Somehow the front seperated from the rear. there were 20 cars somewhere and we were here. Finally we just took off.

After seperating from each other a couple of times our 20 got back together here.
A close up of the 66. It is nice. From the panhandle of Oklahoma.

Halfway through the run, we found the front of our crew. Stopped for lunch together and then made the last half of the run all together.Two of my favorite girls.

Stopped for lunch.A nice group. Many of the younger folks could not rise early enough this morning for the run. Seems they may have took on some liquid last night that impaired them from early rising. Oh well, was fun anyway.

A shot though the mirror.Our fearless leader. After finding him we tucked in close. We had a map so Teri read it to me and we had no problems with the route. She makes a great navigator.

Here come some of those behind us over the dam.

Back home, in the GMC. The girls are reading a book. Nap is coming next then off to swim in the lake. We could not have had a more enjoyable 5 days. This has been great. Found a great place to stay here so we may very well be back. Will rise early in the morning and start back to Missouri. Should be home by mid afternoon, depending on what the girls find to stop for.
Thanks for coming with us. If you must work tomorrow, check in with us later and see what we find heading home.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Parade of Volkswagens

A few shots of cars as we were lining up for the parade through town.

Several for sales. Think this was a 66. Looked pretty good. 5500.00.

Another.A little chopped job.

Lots of buggies here.

This one lined up behind me for the parade. I saw him leaving the campground this morning .Nice looking baja.

And we are off. for thos of you that have been here, we did the old hiway 62 through town. Some drive in a bug staying in first gear. We were near the front of the group but still saw a few overheated and on the sidelines.

Now, I am thinking, since we are in the front, why not find a shady spot near the end of the run and park to see the ones behind us.So, we did just that. We picked up a bag full of candy that was thrown to Marci Claire by those behind us. Lots of beautiful cars and buses in the parade.

I picked another spot to pull off a second time to watch. Here sat this guy with his bus, in the shade. There was a store there so Teri and Marci Claire went inside to look at junk. I stayed and visited with the bus owner. I was telling him about those that over heated. He said he never has to worry about that. I looked under the box we were sitting on. Look what I found.

Oh yes, a Ford 302. This guy has it figured out.

One more for sale. There were a couple of these at the show. Rare to see them.
It was a fun day. I visited with old friends and made new. This has been a very worthwhile trip. The campground will be full of busses and bugs tonite. I think they plan to park outside our coach, or near by.
Thanks for making this trip with us. I hope you have enjoyed it half as much as we have. tomorrow we have a 45 mile run to make up to Mo. state line and around the two lakes. It is going to be lots of fun so come with us if you can. Check the tracker for today to see the parade route. Sunday you can check the tracker, link above, and follow us on the 45 mile run, if you wish.
See ya Sunday,

The Big Show Has Begun

Just when I thought the lot was full, last night, dog gone if they didn't double the number of vehicles in there.Did I wake up at 630 am? Nope. Was 740 am when Teri finally got me awake. I showered and was at the show by 810 am. Found just the right parking spot for me. No one would block me.

Wrong. When I got ready to leave they had blocked the drive I was on. I saw a lady about to park in the grass. I asked her to hold on and then I just rolled the Vdub down and out. She got my spot.

It is crazy here, with Vdubs. I walked around for a while then found a shady spot to park my rear, in Gary's chair. He was not using it so I grabbed it.

Sat with Gary for a while then the shade left us. Time to move.

Tried to get a good shot of Roy's machine but the sun would not cooperate.

Some of these folks are really serious and will be upset if they don't win first place.

I registered our baja as a show only. It is not a judged class. Hey, I built it for me, not for others. This is my daily driver so there is no way it can be a perfect car. It is a "fun" car and our grandkids love it. That is all the judging I need.

I think there are 32 shots here and not too many dupes from yesterday.

We have the parade at 3 so we will head back for that. Marci Clare is looking forward to doing the "princess wave" from the passenger seat.

Can you spot your buddy's rig in here? IF he made it, I got a picture.

Several For Sale cars.
Now, this is a wanted fella in Mo. there are several posters scattered about the vehicles this morning. Seems he makes buttons of folks' Vdub and mails them to the owner. No one knows who it is. Why hasn't he mailed me one? Do I need to post my address?

Of all the states represented here I do believe Missouri has the most vehicles here.

This one belongs to a girl named Darla. She is on the aircooledmissouri.com net but I have not met her yet. She overslept too as she was still parked here at Leatherwood and waved as I went by at 8 am.

Caught this guy sneaking out of the campground at 1030 am. I guess he really slept late.

Our neighbor, Dave, from Tulsa. Teri and I know his parents in Colorado.

And, here is our baja back home. Nice and cool out here and it loves the shade.
That's it til parade time.