Friday, March 30, 2012

GMC Motorhome Group Tour

Look at the hole in the ground here. As you know, most of the GMCers are car guys. We often get together for tours of museums when we have conventions. Well, we found a unique one here in Shawnee. Pickers are going to love visiting this place. Not only are there cars but lots of old bikes and pedal cars. Some real bad boy toys here.

Check it out. This was a water reservoir built in 1923 for the city of Shawnee. It would hold one million gallons of water that was pumped into town. They abandonded it in 1943 and sold it. A door was cut in so cars could be driven in and out .The present owner has been collecting cars since 1958.

Check these out.

We were fortunate to get in here. About 50 of us came out this afternoon.

This picture gives one a better idea. This is underground.

Some nice ones outside too.

What year is this one?

Motorhome. Do you recognize the brand of truck?
One more night and we will cut a trail for Mo. Having ice cream tonight, then leave early in the morning. We hope to take a couple of days getting home. Heading up some back roads through Oklahoma into extreme SW Mo. Ride with us if you have time.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

GMC Motorhome Races

When I was a kid I wondered what old folks did for fun. Now it seems I am learning.
Tonight was our GMC Motorhome Pinebox Derby. These folks take this serious. The audience really cheers for their favorites.
Check out the driver of this coach.

In line for pre race inspection and weigh in.

Folks carry the cars in protective cases and covers.

Laurie is the defending lady racer. She is always a lot faster than the rest. It seems she knows something others don't.

A few of the coaches lined up after inspection.

Teri lining up her coach.

Yep, she says it is just right. Must have been as she won this heat.

And, here they come. We have all of this computerized. No guess work here.

Jim Kanomata is always fast and lines his coach up just right.

Some of the cheering ladies.

Look at the detail on these rigs.

Jim lining his up for the last heat. He won it, the heat. Won't know the overall winners until tomorrow when they also announce the chile cookoff winner. The night of the races is always one of the most fun evenings. Lots of laughing.
Thanks for coming to the races with us. Hope you had as much fun as we did.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Fun

We very fortunate to be able to visit my cousins Hank and Lynn. Lynn's husband is on the right. Also my cousin Wendy stopped by but left before I got a picture of her. Their mom and my mom were sisters. We did a lot of growing up together back in the 60s. Had a lot of catching up to do and it was only 30 miles over to Norman from here in Shawnee.

About dark we headed back across the countryside. Stopped and grabbed 6 caches.

Caching in the dark is fun as long as you carry a good light. Found a big fat mouse near one of the caches. He was not scared of me one bit.
Was a busy day for us at the convention. Got another one planned for Thursday. I hope we can grab a few more caches about dark.
Hoping everyone is enjoying the week as much as we are.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life At A GMC Motorhome Convention

I refuse to have a bad day. My computer is really sick and I sat on my camera, breaking the screen. Battery on the Vdub died and had to push the thing 4 times today til Ken and I ran to Walmart for a new one tonight.
This is Teri at the chile cookoff. She had a great time and so did I. Of course I don't cook but she lets me stir. We will find out in a day or two how we did.

I was honored tonight. Could not believe it. That is a very nice neon sign hanging around my neck. It will go in our kitchen. Has a great writing on it about ice cream. I was also given the bear with a very nice t shirt on it. Great compliments to me. Teri and I have been in charge of serving the ice cream at conventions for a few years. I love doing it. I have more fun than those we serve. I really appreciated the folks singling me out. I really could think of nothing to say but thanks.

Five of our servers for tonight.

Four more here. The volunteers make our conventions run smooth. Teri and I really appreciate what the GMC folks do volunteering to help with anything and everything.

And, here is a little of what we served up tonight. Oh boy, I am thankful for cholestrol pills.
Ran out of time today so we did not get to geocache tonight. Maybe in a night or two.
Hope everyone enjoyed the ice cream.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Geocaching Shawnee

We don't have time during the day to geocache so we have been going out at night or almost dark. Last night it was 10 pm when we went out. Found all of them. Tonight we got a little earlier start and cached til dark. Forgot our flashlight. Got back to the convention just in time for cheesecake.

Here was a quick one.

Am I really going in there?

I looked back at the geomobile. When I turned around again,

Yep, she is in there and grabbed that booger.

This was a good one.

Look at it.

Another fast park and grab but someone had stolen it. Was not there.

Was almost dark here. The last one was too dark to get a picture of Teri in the bush.
We have enjoyed our time here. Shawnee is a cool town. We hope to cache downtown tomorrow night.
My computer has shot craps. I can not get logged into my normal websites. This one runs Window 7 and I can not find a picture resizer that works with it. Makes it real tough to upload pictures.
For our GMC friends, check the photosite. I have all of our GMC photos over there.
Weather has been warm but very nice. We have air condioning in the coach so not a problem.
Hang with us, lots more to come.

Friday, March 23, 2012

GMC Motorhome International

We are gathered in Shawnee, Ok. for our semi anual party. There will be all kinds of things going on here. Will have lots of seminars on keeping our coaches up and running to a geocaching event. Teri is out now gathering coordinates for the hides.

We drove around town this morning and found the old train station. It is something else.

Found the church building where we will be Sunday. I like to know ahead of time where we are going so we are not late.

Came back and cleaned up the vehicles. Lots of tar from road construction on I-40. That stuff does not look good on silver paint.

We have another Mo. VW here with us. I think it lives in Rogersville.

Lots of nice looking coaches are arriving.

This one has been stretched and it looks great.
So, hang around. Lots more to come. Not sure the tracker shows us here. I think it left us out on I-40 about 50 miles east. Apparently there are no tracking stations close by. I put the rig on high power so maybe it will hit one in Ok. City tonight.

Shawnee, Oklahoma

We rolled away from the house at 630 am Thursday. Spent the day in Poplar Bluff and left there at 230 pm. Planned to park over night near Conway.

However, this is what it looked like just east of Conway. Kept driving to get through this, and we did. Got into some rain under these clouds but not much. We saw more of the same as we traveled west on I-40 so I kept heading west. Did not want to sleep under these clouds. Hit just a little rain about the Arkansas/Oklahoma line, but not bad. Stopped to look at Streets and Trips, hey, 90 miles and we are there.

So, I just crept on in. Rolled into the convention center about 1130 pm. Parked and caught some re runs of Swamp People before crawling into bed. Was a great ride. Stay tuned for more as we get this party started. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

GMC Motorhome International, Here We Come

About to Rainx the windshield. I think we are about ready. I have all of the mechanicals done and Teri is working on the interior. This is the longest that we have not been on the road since 2006.
The weather has been great. Hoping this lasts and we dont get a freeze now. Leaves are unrolling on the trees. I got the grass cut this afternoon. The ground was way too wet but all of the neighbors mowed so I did too.

We were not the only ones taking advantage of this weather. Take a look at these boys. Rylan had to show grandpa what his big brother had caught today.

Colsyn measured this crappie, 13 inches. He was a proud fisherman.

I got there as they were cleaning them. 33 fish will make a great supper. I was not invited. Oh well, got things to do.
We hope to pull out of Poplar Bluff, Mo. about 4 pm Thursday heading to Shawnee, Ok. Keep your eyes open, we should have lots of pictures to post.
See you soon,