Monday, June 30, 2008

On The Road Again

Well, these pictures are all out of order but I can not do anything about it. I am in the car and just feel good that I could get them up.
We left home yesterday at noon. There was no traffic until about 2 pm and then they came from everywhere. Check out the little convertible. All the traffic coming toward us. That was on I 44 just out of Springfield. We got into Ks. and the oil pumps were all pumping. I wonder why? they were even adding new ones. I got some photos of that in here somewhere.
We drove to La Junta, Co. and parked for 4 hours, sleeping in the car. Was pretty good rest with windows open. Left there about 6 am and headed west. Teri got a lot of pictures as we traveled through the mountains of Colorado. take a look at them. I promise, they are in here somewhere. Did not run air today until we got to Grand Junction Colorado, about 130 pm. It hit 90 degrees and I turned it on. It got hot all of a suden too when we dropped down out of the mountains. We crossed at Montrose Pass, about 11,000 feet. We have seen 3 GMC motorhomes, all of them today. Teri took my picture with one we found for sale. The gas prices have not stopped motorhomes out here, they are everywhere. All of the rv parks seem to be full or nearly full.
Well, I better help Teri downshift. The car lost too much speed here in the mountains as she was not paying attention. We are on I-70 in Utah. We have 100 miles to go then we are back to the 2 lane. We are getting 35 mpg driving 2 lane hiways. That's not bad for the little hi performance Yamaha engine. Will cross the entire state of Nevada on hiway 50.
Come back and check on us when you can.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I am no different than the rest of yall. When grandma drags out the pictures of her grandkids I just grin and bare it. This blog is a travel blog. It is not a grandpa showing off his grandkids. However, I just had to share this one. These three boys have the time of their lives around these ponds that their dad and me take them to. Just look at how happy these 3 are. Don't you wish a small bass could excite you this much. We have several good friends that have fishing ponds and they love for us to bring the boys out. They know how they love the fishing excitement. When one of them catches a fish they all come running to help. The two cotton tops are brothers and the other is a cousin who loves hanging out with the brothers. I hope these guys never forget these times. Our granddaughter is getting to the age that she now likes to let the boys go sometimes without her while she stays with her granna or goes with her mom to do girl things. That is ok. Just giving these kids positive memories may very well keep them on the straight and narrow as they grow up. I will say that we must start working on the oldest though to tell real weights on his fish. That 7 lb. bass he caught a couple weeks back has now grown to a 17 pounder.
Teri, Sam, and I will pull out of here Sunday after morning worship services headed for the Pacific Coast, the Redwoods. It is amazing just what all Teri can pack into that little Vibe GT and still leave room for Sam and me. We are getting excited to get back to our motorhome. It has been good to be home for a few weeks but the grass is growing too fast for me. I am ready to leave it to my cousin.
We hope everyone is having a great week. We also hope that you will ride along with us as we spend the next few months traveling. We should hit Dodge City early Monday morning. The next morning we should be west of the Rockies. Then by thurs. we may be on the Pacific Coast. I know it is much more interesting reading when we are sight seeing and posting lots of pictures. With a few pics of the grandkids on here I can at least look back and think about our fishing trips together when I begin to miss their little smiling faces.
See you in a day or two. Hang on as we hit the road Sunday.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

1965 Mustang

Here are a few shots of the Mustang for the motorheads and my daughter, Stasha. She likes my old car and thinks it should live in Arizona with her. We have the engine all done. The toploader 4 speed is about to come out. In its place will be a t-5 Borg Warner 5 speed. We have the 5 speed now. Need to gather a few more parts and then, this fall it will make its way into the Mustang. The interior is almost done. All that is left inside it to finish painting the doors and the rear area blue to match all the other blue we have put inside. It was all white. I hate white interiors. The seats are all covered, dash blue, and new headliner is in place. the car took second place to the GMC after we started rehabbing it in Sept 04. We hope to install dash air conditioning next year and then we will think about getting the new paint on it.
The old Mustang is more than a car to me. It is like part of the family. My dad got it for my 16th birthday. It is not for sale for any money, since I have owned it now for 38 years this week. Hope to have it ready to make one of the National Mustang runs before long. They run them on every 5th aniversary. Since they started selling in 64 next year will be the next one. I am not afraid to take this car anywhere, it is reliable. If we get the air installed we may just make next year in the primered state. Does not bother me to drive it primered. We will paint it blue when we get it ready. Have already quizzed a couple of body men.
At one time we had 4 Mustangs in the family. This one, my son's 68, my daughter's 91 gt, and a 95 Cobra. We were a Mustang family.

Oops, looks like Teri snapped my "quick" getaway. This thing will smoke em if you dump the clutch but that is not what I am building it for. I want a nice dependable daily driver that we can pull behind the motorhome or just take it on a drive across the country. The engine has 800 miles on it so its about broke in. All new lights and trim pieces are on it. I will put a new steering box in when we do the 5 speed swap and we should be ready to hit the road when it is not hot. I like air conditioning so that will be our next project, as I mentioned above.
Thanks for dropping in. We took the kids fishing again last nite. Had a blast. Are getting ready to travel across country next Sunday, week, after church. Maybe we can get some neat pictures as we travel old 50 across the US. Dodge City is in our sites, as well as Montrose Pass. Make sure to set aside a little time to ride with us back to the Pacific coast.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Day After

I hope all of the dads had a good day yesterday. I enjoyed my day and had one of my kids over with her 3 kids and husband. Got a card from Teri with a calculator in it so I would quit bugging her for the little calculater I can never find. Got a call from 3 other kids.
Do you ever wonder how the kids will remember their old dad? I don't think about it often but I do think about my dad who passed away in 93 at the age of 65. I also think of my granddad who took me to raise as a child. He died when I was 11 years old. I knew my grandfather was not perfect because I heard lots of stories about his younger days. However, my dad seemed to be the perfect guy. I never heard anything bad about him and I wondered just why. So, I tried to measure up as best I could but always fell short. He seemed to always have the right answers for his kids, whether we liked them or not. He commanded respect and we gave it to him, right up until his death. Oh sure my brothers and I would laugh at him sometimes but never to his face. I suspect he could have decked me right up until the time he got sick.
So, why don't our kids always ask us for advice and then listen and follow? I laugh as I type. I do wonder though what the difference is. I guess my kids learned early on that their dad was not perfect and saw his many shortcomings. It was not until after my father passed away did any of his siblings let me in on a few secrets. I think he had them all scared of him and they chose not to talk while he was alive. Just kidding of course. I did not always like what I heard from my father but he was right every time. I would listen and then go do what I thought was correct and I ususally fell flat on my face. He never said "I told you so". He would just smile. I learned from him to keep my mouth shut unless asked by my children. If they ask me, rare, I tell them. I never say "I told you so", I just smile and think of my dad.
My father never uttered a bad word in front of his kids. I can not say the same about myself. I had a short fuse sometimes. I am sure that if we could go back and re do things we would do a better job of raising our kids. You see, wisdom comes with age, or should. I hate to see my kids make mistakes due to a lack of wisdom on their parts and they all do it. I did it. They think they are much wiser than they are, I know, I was that way. I am not that much older than my children, got started young, yet I see them make the same mistakes I made. I wonder why we can not impart a bit of our wisdom on them. Maybe I am not as wise as I think I am, ha. I do know that one day they will look back and think about things I have said and done to try and help them. They will do that as their children become adults and wonder why they no longer pay much attention to them, wondering why they can not impart a bit of wisdom on those kids, my grandkids. So, I treat my grandchildren as I wish I could have treated my own kids. I give them all the time I can and I never lose my patience with them, well almost never. When they call me on the telephone, I stop everything and listen to the story they have for grandpa. When they call and ask me to come see them, I go, right then. I learned these things from my grandfather and I just try to pass it along to make him proud of me.
Life is short, hold your tongue with the kids and give the grandkids all you can. None of them will ever forget you for that. My father was proud of me, he told me right before he died, in front of strangers no less. I am proud of all of my kids too, mostly because they gave me the perfect grandchildren.
Yall have a great week.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Airstream Refurbishing

Well, here are some photos of what has been going on the last couple days. I have been helping my friend, Jim, work on this 27 ft. Airstream. It is a 73 model. Not in bad shape but someone had taken the waste tank out. This is quite a deal to put back in. Jim ordered it from a place in Ca. Nearly 400.00 for the fiberglass 35 gallon tank. Had to have a case fabricated, another 150.00. These parts are expensive. I got on ebay tonight and found him a deal on 3 interior ceiling light covers. Got them new for half normal price.

Got lots of the interior out now and will start on that when we finish the waste tank and get the underpinning back up. We can really make this old trailer look good. Going to find a set of aluminum wheels for it. I want to sand the exterior and then buff and polish it out to mirror finish. That will ultimatly be Jim's decision. We have rewired the 12 volt section and installed an aftermarket converter that came with the trailer.

Some of the final work done today. I have learned a good bit about Airstreams helping Jim. I think Teri and I could find an older one and rebuild it to suit us. We could then pull it to Az. and leave it at our oldest daughter's Stasha, and not have to drive the motorhome back and forth. I have not discussed this with our daughter yet so don't say anything until I get a chance to feel her out on this. I bet the grandkids can convince their parents to let Granna and PD leave it there if they thought we would spend more time with them, and we would.
So, there you have it, the pictures I promised you last night. I will try to take more as we work on the interior. This old thing will clean up nicely. Jim wants it for deer hunting. I think it will be too nice for that when we finish but it belongs to him. I believe Teri and I could pull one of these to Az. with our Jeep Cherokee after I put an external cooler on the transmission.
Thanks for looking at the pictures. This is a fun project. Maybe we can get Teri involved on the interior.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Managing Resources

Today was a long productive one. I helped my friend Jim install a new waste tank in the Airstream trailer that he bought bought back in the Spring. We are not finished yet and will work more on it Friday. I will try to remember to take my camera with me tomorrow. He got this, 1973, rig at a bargain but the black tank was missing. Jim got a new one and has worked hard to get everything ready. It is a heated tank and the Airstreams are covered on the bottom. That is pretty neat til you need to work on one. This trailer is a 27 foot model and really laid out nice. It would be perfect for 2 folks. I like it.
When I came home, at 6pm, it was straight to a friend's pond for fishing with 4 grandchildren. What good times we have. I suspect the kids will remember these trips for a lifetime. My grandfather did so much with me that I feel I owe my grandchildren as much of my time as I can give them. We have one staying the night with us tonight. I took pictures but won't post them this time.
Teri and I were to leave on the 16th for California to get back in our coach. We have put that off at least one week, maybe two. Next week we will work at the local church youth camp. Our main reason for not leaving Monday. Teri has spent a lot of time getting us ready to hit the road. I am spending a good bit of time trying to decide our route. I believe we will 2 lane it across Ks. and Co. I like the slower pace and we can see lots of scenary that is missed traveling at 70 mph on the interstates. We can pick up I-70 in Grand Junction and travel it through Utah before getting back onto 2 lane 50. No doubt we can save lots of fuel this way. It will take us a couple of long days to get there but, I want to slow it down and enjoy our ride. It is not where we are going but the trip getting there.
We love spending winters with our daughter and family in Az. They treat us very special and we love their company. With the fuel prices what they are we are just not going to be able to run the GMC out there and back every winter. We will park it there this winter and bring it home in the Spring. We have got to manage our resources the best we can. And, I want to do it without missing out on the things we love so much. So, I am thinking maybe we can run onto an Airstream trailer and fix it up. Pull it to Az. and leave it. Then we have a place there anytime we want to be there and can leave the coach here for local trips and enjoyment. I think we can manage this by getting one that we can fix up to suit our needs. I am learning a lot about Airstreams by helping my friend Jim with his. I think this is the brand to have and if we do this Airstream will be our trailer. 27 feet will suit us just right if it is laid out to our liking. Managing our resources the best we can will keep us from having to work anymore than we just have to to keep going. Part time jobs for retired folks are not hard to find. We make very dependable employees and don't need benefits.
So, now you know what is going on at the Gregg house this week and what our plans are. Will keep you posted. Thanks for dropping in. Come on back when you have the time.

Monday, June 9, 2008

One Big Birthday

Here you go, one more grandchild celebrating his 5th birthday today in Duncan, Az. While Teri and I could not be there our daughter was able to quickly send us photos of the event. I love modern technology. We got to talk with Caleb on the phone. He told his mom that today was his best day so far. I love his thinking, just wish I could have had a piece of that cake.

Happy Birthday Caleb from granna and PD

Grandsons in Indiana

If you have already read my earlier post then you saw I did not have these photos up yet so they are backwards. Can not insert them where you want. Teri got to spend a week here in Logansport with our daughter and 3 grandsons. They are in the middle of ball season up there. We have a couple of real players already. the youngest is getting ready. Tyler, Timothy, and Ryan. It is always great to visit with these 3 grandchildren. They are full of energy and love aggrivating each other.

Teri shot a photo of this while in town.

Here is what Teri and Nikki did while Teri was there. They got Ryan's ceiling up. Did a good job. This shot was taken before the moulding went up.

Don't they look like they could really aggrivate each other? I don't think any one of them takes anymore than he dishes out either.

Here is our daughter in her new classroom. Nikki has just changed from one school to another. We are proud of her for all the work she has done, raising 3 boys, a husband, and finishing her college degree all at the same time. She is a good teacher. The kids are lucky to have a lady that cares so much for them.

The cross along side interstate 57 at Effingham. this is a good sized structure. I know many of you have seen it. you can not miss it when traveling through Effingham.
So, there you have it, more of our grandkids. Teri and I enjoy them. All of them have been on the blog now except 2. They live over near Nixa Missouri, just north of Branson. They were here Memorial Day and I was having so much fun playing with them that I forgot to snap any pictures of Essie and Alexus. Next visit I will get them.
Hope everyone is having a good Monday. It is one of my favorite days, in case I haven't mentioned that before. We are getting serious about our plans to head west in a couple weeks.
See ya later,

Nice Trip

Teri and I arrived back home Saturday afternoon almost 1 week exactly from the time we left. She had a great stay with our daughter and three boys in Indiana while I went on to my aunt and uncle's in Michigan. On my way back I stopped at my sister's for a nite. Wish I had taken some pictures there. We went over to Michigan International Speedway, 3 miles from her house. They were already getting ready for this week's Nascar Race. Her two boys have this gigantic dune buggy go cart that their mom and dad got them. WOW, that thing will run. I'd like to have one here for the grandkids when they come. My brother in law said it will run 45 mph. Has an 18 hp engine. We sure had fun riding up and down their airstrip on it. Will get pictures on the next trip.
The first photo is of a double screen drive in that I passed Friday morning. I took 2 lane blacktops all the way from Brooklyn Mi. to Logansport, In. Was a great ride. This was in southern Mi. and it was well kept. Good to see an old drive in still running. We have a couple of them just over west of here a few miles.

The second picture was taken as I came out of Elkhart, In. I guess these folks were picking peas. I thought it was strawberries til I realized it was not strawberry time yet. Anyway they were getting with it. Was about the only thing I saw going on in Elkhart. The place is not doing much. The rv plants are sitting pretty much idle. est thing I saw there was gas was 15 cents cheaper than up in Southern Mi. at 3.85 per gallon. Was good to see it still selling for 3.74 when we got back to Dexter, I guess.

I don't have pictures of our daughter and the 3 boys in my camera. Will get them from Teri and get some posted. While she was there they worked on one of the boy's rooms putting up ceiling tiles. We were rained out of a ballgame Friday afternoon. Rain was what was going on there last week. To follow are some shots of how wet things are there and in northern Il. I shot these on the way home Saturday. We got up and pulled out at 7am central time and were at the end of our 400 mile journey by 1 30 am, driving under the speed limit all the way. I felt really good. I passed 3 folks who were slowing down. Then, one of them passed me back. Oh well, I guess in time folks will drop their speed on the hiways. I can tell you just a few miles per hour will save a good bit of gas.

The fields along the side of the road look like lakes. Check out the guy on the little Harley. Boy, he likes getting wet much better than I do. He passed me right up.

Crossing the big Mighty Muddy. It was full at Cairo. Guess all that water is heading to New Orleans.

When we got home the phone was ringing. Look at what this little guy has. Colsyn, our soon to be 5 year old wanted grandpa and granna to see what he had been doing while we were gone. He has plans for us to do some fishing this week. Colsyn swore the fish was a 10 pounder. His dad said 6. No matter, it was a keeper. Check out the mouth on that sucker. Good job my little man.

As you know Teri and I love our grandkids. We try to spread our time out with them. We have one little guy turned 5 on the 6th. They are having a party for him today in Arizona. We will call Caleb in a couple hours to wish him a happy time. We have several June and July birthdays with our grandkids. 12 is a good number but we have number 13 coming in September. When will it stop? I don't know and I guess the more the merrier. We just try to spread our time with them all. Teri had a blast this week with the three in In. My short time with them was great. We visited and played but I did not have enough time with them. Next trip I guess.

Woops, I did not see that this one was twisted. Crank your monitor to the right and u can see that big mouth on that big fish being held by that fine grandson, Colsyn. I hope to get to fish with every grandchild. What more fun can kids have? This one is saving the big one so he can prove his "fish story". It will be mounted on his wall. Just wish I had been along.
Well, the grass is deep. I got to get moving. Then to call our oldest daughter, Stasha, and check in on the birthday party for Caleb. Stasha and the kids take good care of me when I am there for the winters. Can't wait to get back out there.
Hope yall enjoyed the ride. We had a great week and look forward to heading west in a couple of weeks.
Come on back in a few days. I am sure Sam and I will have something to tell you.