Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bernie Car Show 2012

While Colsyn and I did not have the best looking car at the show, we did have the one that is a true daily driver.

This one looks great from 75 feet.

Sweet ride.

Old Chevy, early 50s.

Love the color.

This one belongs to a kid I went to school with. We are both 57 now.

the blue one was in Effingham with us last week. Mike owns both and lives in Dexter.

Lot of early 50s GM trucks seem to always show up.

This little chevy is slick and sports a tricked out inline 6. Pretty rare.

I owned a 48 Ford like this when I went into the Air Force. Let my brother sell it for me. Always wondered where itended up.

I love seeing the youngsters shining on the cars.

We felt well protected.

Mr. Miller always does an excellent job in the park. Music was great.

Only real antique I saw.

I am not sure what was under the fiberglass.

Never been a Goldwing guy but this one looks great.

Always good to see one of these that has been modded for the street.

Can you say 1939? Nothing original on this flatbed.

Should have done a video on this one. The super charger was whining as he pulled into his spot.

56 Belair. Very nice.

Folks from Hornersville own this one. The owner parked beside us because she liked the bug.

64.5 with original 260.

Colsyn is a truck man.

Aunt Glo out checking on the rides.


The Bernie car show was as good or better than ever. Last year it rained all day. We could only hope it would today. Not a chance. Saw a few old friends but not many. It was a warm day but the cars in the park were nice. Thanks for coming along.
The GMC is waiting for me at camp. Will be there all week. Hope to have some good pictures later in the week.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Funfest 2012, Saturday

Oh yea, I like this.

Got the kids help polish up the bug. Great training.

One sweet truck.

I don't see many of these. I think this was the only one here this year.

5 grand, negotiable.

One of a kind. The owner of this place has this for sale.

Lots of very nice Ghia rigs here this year.

Chopped 3 in front and 1 in the rear. Check out the door.

Sweet paint if you like flames.

Nice paint.

12 grand and it is your's.

He was having trouble keep it on the ground.

This is one nice conversion. That is a twin Suzuki motorcycle engine.

Can you say low?


I guess he sleeps in the casket.

A shot of the campers all lined up.

One sweet girl next to a hippie van.

Very nice with wood floor.

Another hippie van.

Tent with a beautiful lady.

This is nice paint also.

For you buggy guys and gals.

More dune buggies than I have ever seen here.


This guy is always here with a very nice setup. Check out his trailer.

Really nice one.
Herbie from Missouri.

Repeat. I have had a heck of a time trying to post my pictures tonight. This double slipped by me.

Mazda rotary. Loud.

5 pounds from Menard's. Grandsons will love me for bringing them home.

I meet the nicest guys and make some really good friends at these gatherings. Lou, on the left has helped me lately with some problems, via the internet. They are both from the Chicago area.

Break time.

Another shot of the Mazda.

Some Indy driver showed up and is leaving.

Nice blue with fat tires.

With engine showing.

I snapped this because I just had a progressive Holley built for our bug. Got sever shots in case I have questions when I install our's.
Hope you enjoyed the trip. We sure have. Heading home in the morning. The Vdub is hitched and ready to roll.
Dan, Teri, and Marci Claire