Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tomorrow is Friday

For you working folks that is a good thing. For me, well, I love everyday. Weekdays seem better though as most folks are working and I am not crowded when I go places. Look at the park here. This is all thats here. I like that. We had 2 pull in this afternoon but I suspect they will leave early and be on the road in the morning. Older couples in class c coaches, no toads.

Look at the mountains behind us. The logging creats a patchwork look. I like seeing this out our front window.

And, I am not leaving Oregon til I get some blackberries. Just look at this. They must be a month behind. Last year we had blackberries everywhere that were ripe before now.
Teri wants to go for a walk so I got to go. Yall have a great weekend. We have a family reunion this Saturday at one of the County RV parks.
Oh, been trying to get Kipor to work with me on my generator problem. the bad part costs 250 dollars. Rediculous. I will not pay that. 3 hours and wham. Dead in the water. Oh well, I will let you know what happens.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Generator Woes

Who knows anything about one of these little critters? Our's quit putting out a/c this morning. I thought I would fire it up and let it run as there was not a soul in the park, only 3 of us spending nights here. It ran great for about 5 minutes then tripped out. I rest it and had no a/c. The DC works fine but there is no a/c coming from the inverter board. This thing is two years old this month and has about 3 hours or less running time on it. Hard to believe it would just die. I sent out several emails to various dealers but no luck. Did get a note from the company and they will find the closest place that works on them for me, whoopee!!. They have a 2 year warranty. I bought it from a dealer on Ebay who is not there now so no help from him. This was a great little unit while it worked. Very quiet. I could barely hear it when I walked to opposite side of coach from where it was running. What is that saying??? Sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you are the bug. Yea, I guess this week I have pretty much been the bug. Oh well, just a few little bumps in the road. Kinda ruins a guy's day though. I have worked on the thing off and on all day and am no farther along than when I started. I figured it was a simple fuse or circuit breaker in there somewhere but no, no fuse. Can't figure how to check the circuit breaker or even find it. I know it is there somewhere so I may tear the cover off again tomorrow.
Sun shined all day, well most of the day. Temperature was up to where we did not need a jacket today.
That's about all of the news I have today. Keep the faith.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Portland During 4 pm Rush

Oh yea, we found ourselves right in the middle of it today. Was not too bad though. Seems like most of it was heading the other way.
We got a few shots on our way back last night. It was getting dark but Teri snapped a few shots of the Columbia River. Something I noticed is there are a lot more wind turbines on the Washington side. We notice them in a lot of places we travel. When Teri and I first started traveling west we had only seen them west of Abiliene, Tx. Now it seems they are sprouting up everywhere. I think it is a good thing, just like our solar panels on top of the coach.

One of the dams and a bridge at Biggs Junction.

Teri got one of the toll booth as we crossed the Columbia at the bridge of the gods. Pictures following are two we snapped this morning. A momma deer and her two little ones. They were right up near us. Click the pictures to see them in more detail.
Teri and I drove back to Camus last night and stayed at her brother's place. He left yesterday in his motorhome for South Dakota. We appreciated them asking us to stay there and may very well spend another night there in days to come.

We saw this old one this afternoon while hitting the stop lights in Vancouver. Wouldn't you like to take a spin in it? We hope to grab more old car shots in the days to come. They are everywhere out here. We need to drive with the camera on so we can shoot them as we meet them on the roads. On the weekends, when sun shines, they are just everywhere.
Well, we arrived back at the coach about 6 pm. Drove in the rain most of the way. Good thing we use rain-x. Have a bad wiper blade and could not use them. Need to get that fixed tomorrow. We will run into town in the morning to meet Teri's mom at one of the stores. It is her bithday, Teri's mom. Her step mother is the one who is ill and not doing well. We appreciate your concern and thank you for the emails and prayers.
Folks are warm back in Mo. We are freezing out here. Wore a jacket all day. I think I have mentioned that we are staying in a dry camp rv park. 5 bucks a day, what a bargain. Solar panels are great. We live just like we do when we are plugged up to electric. Life is good in Tillamook. Stop back for a visit when you can.

Monday, July 28, 2008


What are the chances of seeing these two nice coaches parked together in a rest area? We found these on I-84 Sunday as we were coming over to east Oregon to visit Teri's parents. That was the only picture I was able to snap during the trip. Maybe I can get more on the way back, if it is not dark. Hood River had the wind surfers all over. They were really having a great time. Lots of traffic on I-84 Sunday afternoon.
We are in a little town right on the Columbia River, Irrigon. Nice little community with a 2 dollar dump station for rv's. I like that part. We may get back over here in the coach later and will use that facility a time or two.
Hope everyone is having a good Monday. One of my favorite days. I promise to have more for the next post. I know folks enjoy pictures much more than my ramblings so I will work hard to get some.
Thanks for your prayers. Got several emails in regard to that. We really appreciate them. Teri's step mother is not doing too well.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

And POOF, She Was Gone

Oh yea, that is the bug being towed by the Vibe. Was not a good day Saturday for the bug. We were about a mile from the top of the pass when "pop". That was all there was. Pulled out the tow bar and hooked it to the Vibe, which pulled it like it was not there, and off we went. Got to Den's place about 830 am. The rest of the pictures speak for themselves.

Take a look at the piston. It was not getting enough oil for some reason and "smack" that was it. I knew the little car never had any power but I would not have thought this was going to happen. The little engine had a bad ping anytime I gave it much throttle, while trying to climb the smallest grade since we left Florence with it. I trried to be as easy as I could and keep the ping down, but that was pretty much impposible most of the time. All of the other 3 pistons look like new but the bottom of this one showed that it was heating up before the valve and piston collided.

Oh well, That's just one of those things. We had planned a rel close inspection to make sure we got everything that was wrong with it fixed up good. Never expected to be pulling an engine. Never got a chance to look at the brake and steering problems, ha. Oh well, we will be in Oregon for a while so it will be fixed up before we leave. After seeing what had happened we were afraid to rebuild this case so off to the engine shop we went. The last picture shows what we came home with. At 6 pm we realized that we were missing two parts so we quit. Maybe one day in the next couple weeks we can continue on and get the new engine running and off we will go.
As I prepare this we are driving over to Irrigon, Or. to visit Teri's dad and step mother. Her step mother is very ill and we would appreciate your prayers. It is not looking good for her right now.
So, see, when I ask you to come on back and see what kind of excitement we have, I mean it. We get into some scrapes sometimes.
Been busy for several hours and have not had time to check my email since Friday. Will try to do that tonight. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of your weekend. We will catch up with you later. I need to pay attention to Teri's driving right now as we are approaching The Dalles

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shade Tree Mecanic

Oh yea, look at those hands. Don't they look like a surgeon at work?

Well, look who it is. And after I put all the parts back together the bug ran better than before. I learned a few things from my father. He was a good mechanic. I am not. I truly had to find some shade to finish the progect. Teri and I pulled our awning out and moved the table under it so I could finish this project. Don't forget to click the pictures for a better look at the good looking mechanic.
I guess some things happen for a reason. Last night I cleaned several connections in the wiring on the bug. This morning when I had finished rebuilding the carb I put everything back together and hit the starter. Nothing but a raw gasoline smell as the engine cranked. I quit and went to see what was up. Seems I forgot to put the fuel line on the carb and fuel was pumped all over the engine, everywhere. No fire. How could that be? I cleaned everything up and let it sit in the sun for a few minutes and tried it again. Nothing. I pulled the distributor cap and no fire. So, I went to cleaning more connections. Still no start. Looked over what I did last night and found the hot wire was unplugged. I left it off last night. Well, seems that was a very good thing. I probably would have burned the car down if fire had been back there. Thank you Lord for letting me miss that wire last night. Put it back on and vroooom. A little screwdrivering and all was great. Took her down the road and it brought me home. Guess I got lucky again.
We tinkered around the car and then went to the post office and grocery store and that was as much as we did today. Had some good cantelope after supper. We have several things to do Friday including getting the tires on back of the bug. Saturday we are taking the bug to Vancouver to drop the engine and swap the generator for an altenator, maybe a few other things. Teri's brother is a VW guy and he will go over this rig with a fine tooth comb to make sure it is roadworthy. It has too much play in the steering wheel and we will take that out. Check all the wheel bearings and ball joints. I want to make sure I am safe in that thing as we travel down the road. I think I saw a wheel cylender leaking.
Well, thanks for coming back again. Let us know if there is anything in the Tillamook area that you want us to check out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Friends

Teri and I are very blessed to have so many great friends. Today we ran over to Sand Lake and visited with Jackie and Paul along with their GMC friends, whom we met and enjoyed today. I think there were 5 GMC motorhomes there.

Here is a picture of some of the group. Some were out riding in the dunes. We toured a very nice coach. The interior was just fabulous.
Look at the front of the coach. I have seen lots of modified front ends but I think this may be the most professional one yet. I mean, you can not see anything. It looks factory. If I did mine I would like to visit the guy that did this one. The coach came from Iowa.

One of the GMCers was towing this baja bug. It is nice. It is about like the one we bought but it is finished. We are just beginning on our's. Lots of time and money in this little car. I was told it is so light and tracks so well that he can not tell it is back there. Now, that is what I am looking for. Maybe one day our's will look this nice. Gives us something to shoot for anyway.
We also got two rear tires ordered for the bug today. Will get them mounted Friday afternoon. Should ride much better with street tires. Saturday morning we will take the bug to Vancouver to my brother in law's. He is going to help me do some things and check everything out good.
So, there you have it. We did finish up some paint work on the bug first this morning while visiting with our fulltime friends, Gordon and Sylvia. He used to work for VW. Think I will see if he will help me put a kit in the carb in the morning if he is not busy. Nice to have "working" friends that are retired, isn't it.
Come on back when you can, we love the company. Never a dull day here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trip To Florence

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes. I really appreciated every note. It feels great to be 54. Kids do not bother me because they think I am too old to know anything. Old people don't bother me because they think I am just a kid and know nothing. It's just a great age to be.
Teri and I got up at 430 am. Can you believe it? We did. We had a 115 mile trip ahead of us. We were headed to our friends' Melissa and Gene's home in Florence. Look at this resturant in Florence. Ain't it cool? Look at those cars. Had to pull over and get these shots for you.

Ok, I told you I was getting my birthday present today. We got to Gene and Melissa's, she had made chocolate chip cookies for me again. That is twice. She knows just how long to cook them too. What a sweetheart. Anyway, here I am in my birthday present. We bought Gene and Melissa's baja bug. The plan is to use it for a toad when we are back home. It is a lot lighter than the Vibe. Also, we can sell our Jeep, which just sits in the driveway, and use this car for running around town, saving lots of fuel.

We drove the 115 miles back up to Tillamook, leaving our friends again but taking cookies home. Got home with no problems and went to work cleaning the bug up a little. Teri jumped right in and helped me.

Here is a look at the wheel before we started.

And, here is after. Sure changed the appearance with a little elbow grease. Changed the fuel lines and cleaned a lot of stuff up. The bug has been sitting for a couple years so it needs a little attention. Teri's brother, Dennis, is a bug man and is willing to help me update a few things on the car. Maybe this weekend we will drive it over to Vancouver and begin work on it.

Here is where we quit. Will do some more on it in the morning. Since we started our day so early we are turning in early tonite. I think it looks pretty good yellow but we will change the color to match the motorhome a little more. Yellow just does not seem to go with silver and black, ha. Mite look a little funny tagging along behind us.
So, there you have it, you know what I got for my birthday. Was a great birthday. I am looking forward to many more.
Check in with us again soon. We have another trip planned for tomorrow or Thursday.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Take A Look Out Our Windows Today

We had a time today. I love Mondays. Usually working people are at work but this is a tourist trap and we had lots of company today here in Tillamook. Look at that steam boat. My guess is that it was used to push logs down the river to their final spot. It is at the Tillamook Pioneer Museum and it is closed on Mondays. We will go back in a day or so and visit.

Skip this picture. It popped in from Sunday. We were coming home through Portland.

Here is one reason we come to Tillamook. Teri's aunt and uncle live here. We love them and enjoy visiting with them a lot. They live on the bay of Garibaldi. Been in the same house since 1952.

Oh yea, look at this. I was standing in the drugstore when I saw these boys coming down the road. Our friends from Washington. They saw me waving from the sidewalk and stopped. We led them on into Tillamook in our car. First time we have ever been in a GMC convoy and we were leading it. Just wish we had been in the coach. Jackie and Paul told me they were coming. They have camped about 15 miles from us and we will run over in a day or so to visit.

I do like this car. Nice looking. Even though I am no big Mopar fan I do like the looks of the new Challenger. Sure resembles the cars of old.

We stopped here for lunch. A 2 foot long sausage stick is a buck. Filled us up.

If you look close you might see the bald eagle that came to visit us here at the park. I think he heard that it was a special day and flew over for us to see him.

Now, here we are at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. What a crowd. They make some really good ice cream too.

And, here is the reason we stopped. That is the birthday boy putting it away. Teri took me for my birthday. Told them I was 54 today and they piled it on. I ate the entire bowl. This is quality ice cream. I can tell the difference, believe me.
We are going after my gift tomorrow. I will keep it a surprize for now but should have lots of pictures tomorrow so tune in, if you can.
Happy birthday to me. Bet my parents never thought I would live to be this old. Hey, feels great. Can't get much better than this. Thanks, Teri, for making my day so special.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Weekend

Teri and I had friends stop by Friday afternoon. Kelvin and his lovely bride. Thanks guys, for stopping to visit. We had a great time. Look at those canoes.

Saturday morning we left early for the Portland/Vancouver area. Our first stop was to welcome home the local Reserve Unit from Iraq and to celebrate the 100th year of our Federal Reseve Troops. It was a great time. Lots of soldiers and many veterans.

These patriotic bikers were here in number. They stood around the perimeter with flags while the speakers talked. Very nice fellas to have on our side and most all of them are veterans also. These are the guys that attended our troops' funerals to keep the hecklers at bay before the federal law stopped them from heckling during the funerals.

Like I said, a bunch of nice folks.

Some of our men that have just returned from a year in Iraq. These guys not only fight the enemy but they befriend the Iraqi people who learn to trust them and wish for a lifestyle that the troops tell them about. I believe with all of my heart that Iraq will be a better place because of these guys and the influence that they have.

Some of the crowd in attendance,

They fired cannons off. Look at these rings of smoke, cool.

2 Big Boys flew over. We all enjoyed that.

This morning we attended church services here. A friendly congregation in Washougal, Washington. Hope we can worship here again soon.

Oh yea. These mountains are full of old vehicles. This is a nice looking Ford pickup. I had one like it a few years ago, minus the paint. 1948 or 49 model.

This is my brother in law, Dennis' toy. A 68 Mustang, 289. It is going to make him a very nice car. Body is straight and no rust. Has been housed for several years.

And you thought rednecks lived in the South? These guys up here are dang serious about their toys. I can not imagine driving this thing down a street.

On our way back to Tillamook.

Had to get the Raceway sign.

We crossed over this bridge. We were coming from Vancouver into Portland. The big Columbia river required two bridges to get across.
Teri, Sam, and I had a great weekend with Teri's family. We got lots of pictures of everything but of our loved ones. How did that happen? We plan to spend more time with them and will get photos then. I want to get Teri and her two brothers together for a picture. Those three together are something else.
Remember the troops who are still fighting for the Iraqi people. Pray for their safe return home, soon. We need them here, back with their families. We hope the Iraqi folks can stand on their own soon. I have already made mention that my family has a history of being in the Armed Forces. My dad was in the Korean War. My brother was in Saudi Arabia and Korea. My son and I did our time in Mississippi and Florida. Pray again for our troops and for our leaders.
Well, thanks for sharing some time with us. I know I have been a little deliquent in posting but Teri and I have been enjoying ourselves too much to get on here. We promise to keep things interesting for you so hang with us.