Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Geocaching Day in Monroe, La.

Check out this geocache.

I spotted it pretty much right off but was afraid to pull on it. A voice from inside said "pull, you won't break it".

Now look at it. There is was. Look below. The pretty face was waiting to give us rewards for coming to the buisness. We were treated to snowcones, free. Now I like this kind of cache.
A quick find and grab. I get a little nervous sticking my hand in places like this. Does not seem to bother my sweetie.
This was an old Burger Chef restuarant. They are now defunct.
This is always a good place to hide these things. the bottom of the light poles all lift up.
Monroe, La. is built on the Ouitchita River. In fact, it seperates two cities, Monroe and West Monroe. Most of the hunt today was in West Monroe. We did not find all of them, missed 3. One is gone for sure. Got tired of looking for the other two. But, we got to see some cool places in Monroe and West Monroe. We can look for those we missed another time. Was just a great day for exploring the area. Hope yall had great weather like we did today. I think Teri may take the kids geocaching tomorrow, not sure. They are busy every evening after school so may not get a chance. That sure does not stop Teri and me, as you can see. We have gathered up several caches here in this area. Will pull out soon and head north up the Ms. River. Hope to see some new areas along the levies.
See you later.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Working in Bastrop, La.

Today I was fortunate to train with my brother on a new found job. Just a part time thing but will help me put the money back that was taken out of the bank to install a new engine and transmission in our coach.
I grabbed a quick shot of this 57 2 door ht chevy this morning. It looked very nice as it went by. I just barely got my camera on before he sped completely out of our sight. I like blue.I snapped this shot of the entrance to the hospital in Bastrop. this was our second job in Bastrop this morning. Changed a couple of computer cables in a medecine dispencing computer.

Our first job was at 9 am. We traveled to a nail salon to replace a board in a flat screen tv. Then off to the hospital. Left Bastrop around noon and headed back to Monroe to swap out some parts in a projection tv. After lunch we drove back north of town, 10 miles, to complete our 4th job for the day. We replaced a board in another flatscreen yesterday. so, I have been on 5 jobs with my brother so far and am learning how to get the jobs and do the paperwork. Will do a couple more on Thursday. I hope that will get me ready to hit it running when we get home. It is one of those work when you want to. Looks pretty promising.
While we were out all day Teri worked here at my brother's and fixed one great supper before we all took off to a Dave Ramsey class that my brother teaches. Was great to attend and watch my younger brother direct the class on how to live debt free. The reason my brother works the part time job, in a ddition to his regular job, is to get himself debt free. They are just 900 dollars short of paying off 30 grand in 11 months. Looks like they will hit the mark this month. That is a lot of money to pay on debt when you have 5 small kids.
Last night my little niece had a loose tooth. She will be 9 next week. She let her uncle Danny snatch it out with the same little pair of plyers that my dad used to pull my teeth and her dad's. Pretty neat. She will remember me as her dentist for a long time to come. Those plyers have been in our family for over 50 years. I don't have any idea where or when my dad got them but they are still coming in handy.
Hope everyone is having a great week. Catch you tomorrow. I think Teri and I are going to chase a few more caches in the afternoon.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Geocaching Monroe, La. in a GMC Motorhome

I went looking for this little sucker on my own today. Figured out how to program the handheld while Teri was gone. I fooled around in back of this pharmacy for 30 minutes. Then I found a hidden box. Just knew I had it. Opened it up, "This is not the hidden geocache, not this easy". I busted out laughing and left. Just could not find it. Picked Teri up, drove back to the spot and I found it right off. I just needed my good luck charm I guess. A real good hide.

I was not going on this hunt by myself. I had been looking at it for a couple of days. Grabbed Teri and gave her the coordinates. She put them in and we headed to the park. She walked right to this table and we pulled an end cap off, there it was. Grabbed a travel bug from it that was left last week. Will carry it on up north and drop along the Big Mighty Muddy somewhere next week on our way home.
Teri is busy now programming the handheld with a bunch of new treasure coordinates. We may take the kids on some of the hunts but they are real busy. Have not had a timeframe that was available for them yet. Not tonight or Tues either and Wed night is Bible Study. Oh well, maybe we can grab an hour here or there before we leave. There are so many in Monroe. We could hunt all week and not get to all of them.
Hope you had a great Monday.
Here is our parking spot this week.
Just had to grab one more before dark. We had pizza with the kids and snatched this one on the way home. At a Fedex store. Name is Wilson. Wonder where they got that??? ha.
Have a good evening.
Gone for good tonite,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

5 Quick Geocache Finds, After The Party. Post # 2

After we left the party We grabbed 5 quick ones. I love these kind. The las two we check we did not find. Was getting cold so we gave up. 5 was a good hour.

Teri cracking a safe.

Took a little while to see this one.

I spotted this one from the car.

I also saw this one from the car. In fact, I spotted 3 today while sitting in the driver's seat of the car.
As I mentioned in the earlier post today, we did not have the handheld unit so we used the cheap tom tom. Finally found something it can do. It is a very poor unit for the car.Don't buy a Tom Tom cheap unit.
While Teri was helping clean up after the twins' party I was in the car looking at all of the caches here in Monroe. Many were on our way home. So, I figured out how to put coordinates in the Tom Tom and off we went. Teri has promised the 4 twins that we will take them on a hunt. They are all excited. Maybe Monday after school. We can't let them know we went today without them, ha.
Ok, the weekend is about over. Look for me on the streets again tomorrow. Oh, how I love Mondays.

Great Day for a Party

My 3 nephews and one niece had their 9th and 10th birthday party this afternoon. 4 twins a year and 5 days apart. My brother and sister in law rented a petting zoo with farm animals for the party. Here are the horse rides.

4 special ladies. There were 4 sets of twins at the party. I missed one set, getting a picture.

There were several little donkies. They reminded me of our friend Dave near Duncan. He has some of these.

Midget pony. Also several of these were at the party.

Pot belly pig. He reminded me of someone I just can't remember who.

The wanted Posters of the kids. Pretty neat.

Teri and I did some geocaching after the party. We found 5 real quick. We did not have the hand held unit so I got us close with the laptop. Then, we used the cheap Tom Tom. Finally figured out a good use for the thing. It is a sorry car unit and I would never recommend a Tom Tom for that purpose. It does take coordinates so it worked for that today.
Got to get back in the house. May stick the geocaching photos up in a little while.
Still in Monroe

Saturday, March 27, 2010

GMC Motorhome People

While I was born in Detroit, Mi, I spent most of my life in Missouri. A little time was lived in Mississippi while I was in the Air Force, and a couple of years in Northern Missouri. All of the rest of my 55 years was spent in Southeast Missouri, from the Mississippi River Delta area over into the eastern edge of the Ozark Mountains. Pretty much, I stayed where I was raised. We took the kids to Florida a couple of times and South Carolina once. Really, I had been nowhere outside of my raising for any period of time. When I met Teri I did venture west to Arizona for the first time in my adult life. That was a real trip. Teri came on back to Mo. with me and I continued to live right near where I was raised, on a small cotton farm.
When we bought our GMC it was not supposed to be a permanant rv for us. Was just a "starter" to see if we liked rv ing. We not only liked motorhoming we loved the GMC so much that we spent our money rebuilding it so we could travel the USA in it when I retired.
I have been a ham radio operator since I was a young guy. Was always making frineds in various parts of the USA but I rarely got to meet them in person. Over the years the friendships kinda faded away. Many of my radio friends passed on before I could meet them in person.
Our GMC has carried us all over the USA meeting and making friends with other GMC folks and a few others. It has taken us from north to south and to every state west of the Mississippi River, including the Northwest twice Been to California in the coach 3 times now since 07. When I see the marijuanna stories about Mendencino County, I have been there. Most all of the southeastern states too. We have seen places that I have only read about or seen on tv. Places where I had talked to folks long ago on ham radio. I watch the history channel a good bit. When they talk civil war I have been to many of the places mentioned,. Much of the war was fought close to where I was raised. Mo. being a border state there were lots of battles all around us. Teri and I travel up and down the Mississippi River everytime we come see my brother and his family here in La. As we go home this trip we plan to take the back roads, geocaching, so we can see where much history was made.
All of the places do not hold a candle to the people that the GMC has introduced us to. We now have personal friends in every corner of the USA. Our freinds are now scattered across 49 states. I don't think we have made any GMC friends in Hawaii yet. Teri and I have been invited to visit folks everywhere and we have invited them to our house in Mo. There is a high level of trust among our friends. I would not hesitate to let our GMC friends use our home even when we are away. My neighbor has a key and all I need to do is call him and he will open our home. Teri does not know it but I must have invited 20 families to our home this fall on their way to the convention in Il. If they all show up I may be in trouble, ha. I think I can get 5 or 6 parked in the driveway and front yard.
Bottom line here, Teri and I have been so blessed with friends since our retirement. We have been taken into the GMC family with open arms. Folks treat us like their own family. What a group. Should you be thinking about an rv, give the GMC a thought. We have the largest support group of any motorhome. We did not buy the motorhome for weekend outings but to travel the USA, and that is what we are doing. This coach makes a perfect home away from home for couples who are best friends. The other owners will always be there to help you in time of need. We can attest to that from our recent problems with the engine.
No pictures today. Did not think you would care about me changing the oil in the coach. We will have pictures coming shortly. Having a birthday party for the 4 twins tomorrow after church. Will also be taking them geocaching while we are here. Great sport for you and old alike.
The weekend is half over. I have been staying off the roads to make room for you working folks. Hope everyone is enjoying the time off.
Catch you later. Thanks for checking on us.
Dan, in Monroe, La.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Crawfish in Monroe, La.

Need I say more? Look at these little gems. Mouthwatering just looking at this picture and I am full.Do you know this lady? She was tearing them up. Looked like love at first bite for Teri. She really snapped those tails and did away with some meat. Little Katie was giving her instructions.

Now, Chris is a crawfish eating champion. He goes after these things like they were ice cream. I bet he ate at least a pound all by himself. Between Chris, Matt, and Teri they tore up 7 lbs.

The place was packed.
Prices fluctuate so they price them nitely. Kinda like gasoline. I have been eating these things for over 12 years now. Pretty good meat. I like them much better than shrimp.
Ok, nuff said. Have a great weekend. We are taking the 4 twins geocaching.

Monroe, La. in a GMC Motorhome

We had a good night's sleep in Alexandria. Got up, showered and headed north on 165 for Monroe. I love our "on demand" water heater. I have to have a hot shower every morning before I can do anything. Dry camping is something we do a lot of so the hot water on demand is just perfect for us.
  Teri had a cache lined up 15 miles up the road, so we stopped. While she was grabbing it I looked up the next one. We grabbed 3 or 4 on our way. Was a hundred miles and we just took our time. Got parked here in Monroe about 11 am.I think this was our first stop, below.

There she goes.

Teri had that one in no time flat.

Here she is with another one.
I love the ones that are close to the road when we are in the GMC. Teri had to wal k a long ways for one this morning as I could not get the coach and car in there and out. In fact, she walked it twice. She came back to the coach and I gave her more clues. The second quarter mile walk was it. She grabbed it right away. It pays to read and re read all of the clues and the notes left by those who were before you.
Tonight we are hitting a local Cajun joint for some real down home crawfish. Can't wait. No doubt there will be pictures. Come on back if you enjoy a good crawdad.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Geocaching In A GMC Motorhome, East Tx. and West La.

Had a great ride today. We left Montgomery @ noon. Got up to Livingston and started our geocaching across East Texas. Had such great luck we just kept it up on into La. Parked this beast at 6 pm. Teri is in Walmart now getting us some grub. Will make the last 100 miles to Monroe in the morning.
Sure hated leaving our friends this morning. We will see most of them this Fall at the next convention. took us til 11 am to get Jim all packed up and on his way west. Our friend Hal was running with him.
Enjoy the pictures.

Geocaching gets us out to see places that we would not normally see. Today's were right along our route. We will do more in the morning after I get them looked up for TEri. I am sure there are caches all the way to Monroe.
Hope you are enjoying your week. Also hope all of our GMC friends are having safe trips.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GMC Motorhome Convention and the George Bush Airport

Blow this picture up and take a good look at the speed. I was slowing down at the time. What a race track. I took  Grace to the George Bush Airport this morning. She has to be back at work in the morning, out in the San Francisco area. What a ride this was. I felt like I was on a road course with a bunch of Nascar drivers. I loved it. My kind of driving. The posted speed limit on I-45 is 65. These folks were running 85 mph plus. In the picture, that truck had just passed me. He forced me up to 80 mph before I could move out of his way. I had a policeman coming up behind me. I was nervous but hey, he was making 75 plus himself and looked at me like I was holding him back or something.
This is a big airport and is about 48 miles south of here. I felt relieved to be on the airport grounds until I figured out we had 5 more miles of circles until we got to where Grace needed to be. This is a big place. I finally stopped and asked for assistance. Got Grace to where she needed to be and gave her a big hug. Then I headed back out of there.  I really believe that is the fastest 100 mile trip I have ever made and we were in town.
Oh well, Grace is in the sky and will be home by 9 pm. We miss her already. She is Jim's navigator. I am concerned so I think I told you already that I got Hal to get him as far as Las Crucez. Thanks for taking on the challenge Hal.
We have rain here again. But, we have ice cream tonight. Won't be long now. Should have some good pictures to post, seeing who can clean the 5 gallon buckets out.
See you later tonight.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GMC Motorhome Spring Convention, 2010

Take a look here. This Smart car makes Teri's Vibe look like a full size luxury car. I think I counted 3 Smart Cars here.Here is a nice little 23 foot coach with a new engine and Alcoas. It sold today for 6500.00. If you have a coach for sale it might be worth your time to come with it to a convention. I spent more than this on a new engine and transmission. The labor was almost this much.
We had another near perfect day here. Temps in upper 70s or low 80s. It was rather warm about 3 pm. We were very busy again today. Tomorrow will be the last day for sales. We will not be open all day due to some activites going on. Hope everyone has bought what they need. If not, check with us Wednesday afternoon.
Tonight we had another catered dinner. It was really good. Three very good catered dinners. This is kinda unusual to get this kind of grub for all three meals. These guys know how to prepare their meat down here.
Wednesday night is ice cream again. I bet there will be some left over. Hmmm, wonder what we will do with it?
Thanks for checking on us. Still having a blast. This is cheap entertainment. If you ever get a chance to attend one of these international gatherings, do it. I promise you will not regret it.
See you after I get back from the Houston Airport Wednesday.