Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Again

Teri and I rolled at 6 am Central Time. Grabbed this shot as we traveled south on 41/63 in Indiana. I love seeing the wind make electricity. These things are going up all over the USA. I hope they work for the next 100 years.

What is this?

Oh yea, another graveyard cache. Teri got the "first to find" on this one. Took a while but she dug it out. Can't travel 400 miles without searching a few geocaches out.
Got home about 2 pm. Was a good drive and not much traffic. I think Tuesdays are the best days for a trip. Traffic seems less on Tuesdays. Must have been a holiday for police. We did not see any til we got to the southern tip of Illinois. We always see police there. The first 20 miles north of the Mississippi River Bridge is always patrolled.
Got most of the grass cut before our son in law came over with 4 of our grandkids. We had 2 arrive before those 4.
Got two tvs to repair tomorrow so better get to bed. Hope everyone is having a good week. Teri and I will hit the road again next weekend.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Taking The Backroads

The rv's were rolling out of Brooklyn this morning. Many stayed another night after the race.

You have got to take 12 across southern Mi. sometime. It is a lovely route. I have taken it a couple of times going through beautiful little towns. Here Teri did a ittle geocaching in Coldwater.

Sturgis, Mi. Had to grab a cache on the state line.

Isn't this beautiful? I am telling you, 12 is a nice backroad to travel during a weekday. Little traffic and lots of great scenary. This picture was south of 12 after we crossed into In.

Another cache.

Lots of these in north In, on the back county roads.

We stopped in Topeka to talk about some paint work on our GMC. They have 3 GMCs in there now. The shop looks very busy. If you need your coach painted better call and make an appointment. We will run our's over after the convention next month.

If this is your's you wil see the progress.

Finished and waiting for the owner.

Oh, we had to stop by our coach this morning to get some things out of the car.

At the fairgrounds.

Teri has a geocache seminar so we came by to get a few coordinates.

There she is again. When she finishes we will take more backroads to our daughter's in Logansport. Plan to get up early Tuesday and drive on home. If you want to see the roads we traveled from Brooklyn just click on the tracker and put wd0afq-1 into the window.
Life is good.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Geocaching Brooklyn Michigan

We left Romeo right after morning church services. Drove to my sister's near Brookyn. Teri and I had fun with our two nephews doing some geocaching this evening.

My sister, Jennifer, and her oldest son help Teri on this one in downtown Brooklyn.

Here all 4 of them are looking hard.

Right there on the light pole. Magnetic.

Got dark and we missed this one in the woods.

The boys and me at the one of the main entrances after today's race.

Our last cache for the evening. As you can see it was getting dark. This one is right outside the south entrance of the race track.

Lots of folks will remain camped unti tomorrow, just outside the track.

We had to reward ourselves for such a successful geocahing evening.

Outside the ice cream store. Oh, that Rocky Road cone was good.
Teri and I will hit the road early. We have some stops to make on our way to our daughter's in Logansport. I want to stop at Topeka Graphics, the motorhome painters, in Topeka. Will stop by our coach in Syracruse, then up to Goshen. We need to check out the campground for our convention in a couple of weeks. Teri will need to know where she can hide some caches for her geocaching seminar.
Hope to arrive home Tuesday. We have lots of stuff to get done in the next 10 days before we once again head back to Goshen for the GMC convention.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Woodward Blvd. Cruise, 2011

I got up early and rolled through the countryside to Pontiac. It was 9 am and the cars were already cruising Woodward.

I found a parking place and shot a few pictures.

Kinda partial to old Mustangs.

Al kinds there this morning.

If Detroit made it, there was at least one there. As you can see, a few that Detroit did not make also showed up.

56 Nomad is for sale.

I had to pull out of the cruise when I saw the vdubs.

Not your grandma's 57.

Dig those fins.

Blow this one up and you wil see its a hemi.

Lots of Mustangs.

I would cruise with a group and then speed up to catch another group.

Peope lined both sides of Woodward from Pontiac, to almost 7 mile, where I turned around and headed back north.

This little puppy had a bad engine in the rear. I could hear it in the car across the lanes of traffic.

Car shows lined the blvd. I stopped then cruised. Was surprized they would let me on the blvd in the Vibe but they did. At least I had it al polished up.

Who remembers those 63 Fords at the strip with 429 engines?

Now, did they make a 56 El Camino? No. This guy was on WXYZ 11 pm news last night. He built it himself.

It looked so good I shot it twice.

55-56 Pontiac.

I loved this caddy.

There were spots that were very crowded.

This 55 was very sick.

I saw this guy a couple of times.

I saw two of these in the cruise.

This was a souped up ittle Mini. He had no problems keeping up.

And, there you have it, 49 pictures. I scrapped a lot of them. Hard to drive and shoot at same time. Was there 2 hours running down to 7 mie and back. Must have been 10-12 miles one way. Missed my GMC buddies but I can catch up with them next year. Now that I understand how this is laid out it wil be much easier to hook up with them.
Oh, it is almost 2 pm. The cruise is live on WXYZ from 2-4 pm. Got to run.