Friday, August 31, 2012

Geocaching Romeo Michigan

We had a blast this morning. There is a walking trail that connects Pontiac to several other towns, and goes through Romeo. Teri and I did a two mile strip of it this morning. Someone has hidden geocaches every 1/10th of a mile. We grabbed 15 or so.

Spotted this GMC motorhome through the woods. Could not get any numbers as it was behind a locked fence. I could not believe my eyes when they scanned across this thing. Took me a while to find a spot where I could get a picture though the weeds.

It is hanging there.

This covered bridge is above Hwy 53 near Romeo.

Teri found it. I couldn't.

Yep. Hope there were no chiggers.

Our geomobile for the day. We are really enjoying the 50 plus mpg on the interstates as gas is 4.09 up here. I have 7 gallons left in the tank so we should get to cheaper fuel before we need any Sunday.

I moved the car so we did not have to double back. This is Teri approaching me after I parked the car.

She is in there.

Our last one for the day. The temperature got up to 85 degrees. we were hot when finished. This is a super nice walking/biking trail that is probably 30 miles long. Sure would be nice to have something like this back home. We hit a few more garage sales on our way home. Teri picked up a new looking bike for 5 bux. Now to disassemble it so we can get it home in the back of the car.
Hope everyone has a nice long 3 day weekend. We hope to be back home Sunday night late.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hotrod City, Romeo, Michigan

So, what year is this? Do you know what it is?
Every Thursday before Labor Day, in Romeo, they have this get together of hot rods.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Great Day For A Drive

Oh yes, life is good. Teri and I rolled out of Dexter after the final Amen Sunday morning. Check out the mileage on the car. If you click the photo up you can see that we are doing 70 mph, have traveled almost 200 miles, and we are averaging 53.1 mpg. That is great in my book.

In this fuzzy photo we were averaging 53.6 mpg I believe. When we hit I-70 the wind hit us and the mileage dropped a little but we still averaged 53.5 all the way to Muncie, In. that was over 400 miles. I calculated it when I filled up. Actually came to 52.6, but that ain't nothing to sneeze at. We are happy with our choice. The Prius C is a little shorter than our Vibe but same width and amount of room up front. I drove the speed limit to get this mileage, give or take a couple of mph.

Must have been some big car gathering over in Ky or In. When I-64 merged with 57 we started seeing these. Had seen 3 nice hotrods headed west on 60 in Missouri also.

Semi trucks everywhere. Someone is making money somewhere.

Rolling through downtown Indy.

Our host for the evening. Mr. Joe. What a great friend. He is a guy everyone wants to have as a friend. We slept at his place in Muncie for about 5 hours before heading back to Indy for the FMCA meeting. We had a great meal together and visited til bedtime, midnight, and for an hour before we departed, 6 am. Thanks Joe. Please come see us.

Our pay for representing GMC motorhome clubs at the National FMCA convention, ha.

I felt real important being a part of this group.

Also felt really safe. Check out the security. Teri and I were the youngest folks here. Average age was something over 71, I believe they said.

It was raining Monday in Indianapolis. Here is the shuttle to carry folks around the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

A look at the stage with lots of big rigs parked in a muddy place. I am sure everything is dried out by now. Rain was over by noon.

Our good friend John with his back to the camera. John always has a smile on his face. Wee enjoy his company at most every motorhome gathering we attend. These guys tend to "flock" to Teri. Hmm, don't know why.

GMC motorhome friends from NC and Tx.

3 pm the meeting adjourned. We hit I-69 and in no time we were here.

Let Teri hold my camera while I went into the rest area. Look what I found she had done with it.
Ok, life is good. We are in Romeo, Mi. Arrived here about 930 pm Monday. Was good to get rested up overnight. Have been busy since we left home Sunday morning. Will hang out here with my aunt til Sunday. Will head south after the last Amen. Hope to get more pictures for you to see over the next few days. My dad's oldest sister will turn 93 on Sunday. Would not miss her birthday for the world. She lives alone and has a new car. Such an inspiration to Teri and me.